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syncing between mobile and pc without cloud usage?

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hello, i want to buy enpass subscription since it seems a very good solution, im just worried about password safety while uploading to the cloud, is there a way to sync between mobile and pc without uploading database to the cloud?

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Hey @wooshaq

Welcome to the forum!

Thanks for writing in. I would like to share that you can share/restore the data of PC with mobile phone using WiFi restore option. However, WiFi sync is in our top priority list to be implemented.

Please use WiFi backup and restore services to transfer the data from PC to the Phone and then enable sync.

Pre-condition: Make sure that your Mobile device and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi and your Mobile’s screen remains in the foreground throughout the following process:

To do so, please follow these troubleshooting steps.

Step: 1

  • Open Enpass on your PC.
  • Take the backup of the Enpass database and save it manually on the device.

Step: 2:

  • Open Enpass on your mobile device.
  • Take the backup of Enpass data(if any) and save it locally on the device settings.
  • Go to Advanced settings --> Apply " Erase Everything" function.
  • Now open Enpass --> It will display a welcome screen.
  • Click on the "RESTORE EXISTING" option.
  • Click on WiFi
  • Enter the URL address visible in the mobile device to the PC(where you have taken the backup). Please refer to this link.

After completing the above steps enable sync on the devices. Please be informed that synced data on cloud will be always in encrypted form, which can only be decrypt with the same master password with which it is synced.


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