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Standardized field names


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Currently the field names of an item are not standardized, so depending of the language it can be for example "Username" or "Nom d'utilisateur" in French. And if I import from LastPass it would be "username" without capital.

I think it would make sense to use the keyword "username" in your SQLCipher DB and then translate it at display depending of the language.

Currently it makes the data inconsistent between elements depending of if they are imported or in which language they are created.

It also make scripting of anything (from an export in CSV for example) really tedious.


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i definitely agree with this, don't know why you would save the data translated, makes CSV files very confusing, and field names in enpass inconsistent because some are translated and some are not. this is not just an issue when importing and exporting, but also while syncing across multiple devices with different languages

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