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Passwords Not Entered In OneDrive.live & Outlook.live

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Window 10 Pro 1909 - Enpass 6.4.2 (669)

Google Chrome 84.041 & Firefox 78.02 (Both 64Bit)

Enpass forgets to enter the password for entries to Outlook.live.com and Onedrive.live.com. The passwords are correctly stored in Enpass (for each entry and site) but if I double-click on the entry in the browser extension the e-mail is entered but not the password. If, at the password screen, I double-click the entry again, Enpass enters nothing into the web page. I must manually copy and paste the password from Enpass into the website. It will on occasion work correctly but is erratic.  

Other sites with similar two page logins, such as Google, operate correctly. It seems specific to those two .live websites.

I checked the Webform for each entry and they correctly showed E-Mail and Password. All login details are also correct. Tested using latest versions of Google Chrome and Firefox.

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