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Not available in the German App Store -> No iCloud Sync


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I've started to use enpass on my iPhone and wanted to use it on my Macbook too.
I've noticed that there are two versions available: one from the App Store and another one for direct download from the website.
But the link to the App Store doesn't work, as it seems that enpass isn't available in the German App store.

Unfortunately the second version for direct download doesn't support synchronization via iCloud.

Of course I would like to use the possibility to sync via iCloud otherwise it's useless. I don't want to use other cloud services just to be able to sync enpass.

Is there any other possibility to get enpass for my macbook to sync via iCloud?


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Guest Akash Vyas

Hey guys,

Sorry for the inconvenience. Currently, Enpass is not available on the Mac App Stop due to a technical problem:$, but we're working to get it live asap. 

Please bear with us.

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