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Unable to sync with Dropbox

Nick Waller

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I was synching my Mac and iPhone XS with Enpass fine until a few days ago, now the synch process on both devices no longer accepts my Dropbox password. Each time I re-enter the password, it says the password is incorrect even though I haven't changed it recently! I'm able to sign into dropbox directly using the password so I don't understand why Enpass no longer accepts it. I'm now worried that if I disconnect and attempt to reconnect I might lose my data. Can anyone advise???

Thanks, Nick

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Hi @Nick Waller,

Thanks for writing in.

Please let us know are you able to access all your data? If yes please take the back of Enpass data and follow these steps and revert to us:

  • Turn off the sync from all device. 
  • Open Dropbox in any browser --> App --> Open Enpass Folder --> Select vault.enpassdbsync file --> Rename it as oldvault.enpassdbsync.
  • Open Enpass on your Mac and enable sync with the Dropbox. 

Hope this helps!


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