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Add Sync button to top menu bar


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Hi, I'm loving Enpass, does everything I want it to do, thanks everyone :) 

My only issue is that sometimes it takes a long time to auto- sync.  I'm using Folder Sync between multiple devices, and the vault files are updating immediately when an item is added or edited, but it takes a long time (up to 10 minutes) for Enpass on another device to auto-refresh, even when it's left open and on top of other apps. (I'm using version 6.4.2). It's nothing to do with my network, it's definitely Enpass not auto-refreshing for some reason.

So, to be safe, I manually sync Enpass when I move to a different device to make sure it is current. It would help if you could add a Sync button to the top menu, which would act as a visual reminder and also be a bit quicker than opening the vault settings window.

Many thanks for your great work.

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Thanks for your quick reply Pratyush, and for considering my request. 

I have been experimenting with the Auto-Lock settings. I had it set to auto-lock when the system is inactive for 10 mins so that I could leave Enpass open while working on other programs, and move back and forth between programs and devices without it locking. But I think that affected the auto-sync, hence the problem of not syncing for 10 mins. 

I've now changed it to auto-lock when Enpass is idle for 1 minute, and changed to a PIN for unlocking. So now when I move to another device (eg desktop to laptop) Enpass is locked and I can quickly unlock with my PIN. Then the first thing it does is auto-sync - this takes approx 4-5 secs.

It's not a perfect solution for me, but it does reduce the risk of overwriting edits in the meantime. I look forward to your quick-sync button as I think this will be the perfect solution to be sure my files are in sync when I change devices and give me peace of mind :)

thank you

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Hi @penarcher,

Thanks for getting back!

The sync probably seems laggy because it involves quite a few operations. Essentially, every time Enpass communicates with the cloud sync servers, it has to decrypt the file present on the server, compare time-frames, fetch the changes from the cloud file and modify the local vault file etc.

Additionally, Enpass saves an auto back-up file whenever it modifies the local vault database on syncing with cloud - just in case something goes wrong!
We'll still work to make sync seamless and fast with regular version updates.

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