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  1. Last year I mentioned problems with folder sync - it can take ages to auto-sync or doesn't happen at all while the program is open. The only way I can be sure that it syncs is by locking and unlocking Enpass, so that it syncs automatically when Enpass opens. I was told that a Quick Sync button would be added to the list of improvements. Ideally I would like a setting for how often Enpass auto-syncs while open, but a Quick Sync button would at least allow me to know for certain that the sync has occurred. I would be grateful if you would consider this request again. Thank you.
  2. me too - I would really like this feature to add tags to items I've forgotten to tag, so they don't get lost in the system
  3. Thanks for your quick reply Pratyush, and for considering my request. I have been experimenting with the Auto-Lock settings. I had it set to auto-lock when the system is inactive for 10 mins so that I could leave Enpass open while working on other programs, and move back and forth between programs and devices without it locking. But I think that affected the auto-sync, hence the problem of not syncing for 10 mins. I've now changed it to auto-lock when Enpass is idle for 1 minute, and changed to a PIN for unlocking. So now when I move to another device (eg desktop to laptop) Enpass is locked and I can quickly unlock with my PIN. Then the first thing it does is auto-sync - this takes approx 4-5 secs. It's not a perfect solution for me, but it does reduce the risk of overwriting edits in the meantime. I look forward to your quick-sync button as I think this will be the perfect solution to be sure my files are in sync when I change devices and give me peace of mind thank you
  4. Hi, I'm loving Enpass, does everything I want it to do, thanks everyone :) My only issue is that sometimes it takes a long time to auto- sync. I'm using Folder Sync between multiple devices, and the vault files are updating immediately when an item is added or edited, but it takes a long time (up to 10 minutes) for Enpass on another device to auto-refresh, even when it's left open and on top of other apps. (I'm using version 6.4.2). It's nothing to do with my network, it's definitely Enpass not auto-refreshing for some reason. So, to be safe, I manually sync Enpass when I move to a different device to make sure it is current. It would help if you could add a Sync button to the top menu, which would act as a visual reminder and also be a bit quicker than opening the vault settings window. Many thanks for your great work.
  5. Hi, I've just installed version 6 after using v5 successfully for a long time. (The only reason I changed is the browser extension in Opera stopped working). I run Enpass on 2 computers and connect them using folder sync on my network. This worked beautifully in v5. Any edits were immediately synced (I liked seeing the little sync icon at the top spinning around which is sadly missing in v6) and the changes were immediately reflected in Enpass on the other computer. It was as fast as anyone could hope for. Now in version 6 with exactly the same set up it just won't auto-sync between the two computers. The edits are saved from computer 1 into the sync file, but are not auto-refreshed on computer 2 no matter how long I wait. The only way it updates automatically is if the second computer's Enpass logs out, then when I log back into it the new details are there. This is SO very disappointing. I'm hoping someone knows of a simple fix, thank you.
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