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Support Yubikey challenge-response (offline) second-factor


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Some hardware auth tokens such as Yubikey support a challenge-response mode. i.e. you initialise the token with a secret which is henceforth only available to the token (backup of the key excluded). You take the user's password and send it as the challenge to the token, which calculates a HMAC using the key and returns the response, which is used as the database password.

e.g. https://sourceforge.net/p/passwordsafe/discussion/134800/thread/7463e2a3/#7e4e

It'd be neat if enpass supported this.

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@Bill Rossum: the challenge-response mechanism isn't U2F (that's targeted to web authentication).

From what I can tell the Ledger device does support a challenge-response mode (used in the Windows Hello authentication feature), so I guess enpass could support that - or someone could write a Ledger app to emulate the Yubikey-style challenge-response protocol: https://github.com/Yubico/python-yubico/blob/master/yubico/yubikey_usb_hid.py#L491. The latter would be better as it'd give you support for all the other services that use Yubikey challenge-response (e.g. the PAM module, LUKS disk encryption, etc).

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We know that it should be for web app but if you say was the ONLY usecase then

-> we wouldn't use it to auth in windows 7 locally

-> we wouldn't use it to auth in keepass locally

-> we wouldn't use it to auth to QubesOS and decrypt the device LOCALLY

Should I continue?

Yubikey CAN and SHOULD be used to decrypt encrypted assets in ALLL password manager

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We‘re searching an password manager since a while. 1password was our first idea but we don‘t buy software subscriptions … so we came to Enpass – but a 2FA with Hardwaretoken (offline) is a must – not allowed to use something else because of contracting reasons. 

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