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Enpass crash/close on unlock

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gspe    2


I'm experiencing follow situation:

When I unlock enpass with the correct password or pin it crash/close so I have to reopen it and if I give a wrong password first at second attempt it open correctly but if instead I give the correct password it continue to close.

What I can do to help to solve this bug?

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Akash Vyas    17

Hey @gspe

We need some information to help you with this issue. So please let us know the version of Enpass that you're using and the OS version you're using it on. Also, please let us know your preferred cloud service for sync. Additionally, is this issue troubling you frequently or does this happen on a specific instance?  

For Testing Purpose:  Please turn off the internet connection and perform the same steps as you mentioned in the above post and check if Enpass still crashes.

Awaiting your response. 

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gspe    2

Enpass version: 5.6.0 
Linux version: 4.13.5-1-MANJARO
Cloud Service for sync: google drive
This problem happens every time I use Enpass on Desktop
I have removed the Ethernet cable and tried to unlock Enpass and I get the same problem. 
I have the same configuration on laptop, same OS and same software installed, and on laptop I don't have this problem.

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