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  1. Sorry Guys Work for me now, I did'n install lsof dependency
  2. It doesn't work for me too. I've just setup a new machine and it doesn't work, for Frefox v59.0.2 and Opera 52.0
  3. Enpass version: 5.6.0 Linux version: 4.13.5-1-MANJARO Cloud Service for sync: google drive This problem happens every time I use Enpass on Desktop I have removed the Ethernet cable and tried to unlock Enpass and I get the same problem. I have the same configuration on laptop, same OS and same software installed, and on laptop I don't have this problem.
  4. Hi, I'm experiencing follow situation: When I unlock enpass with the correct password or pin it crash/close so I have to reopen it and if I give a wrong password first at second attempt it open correctly but if instead I give the correct password it continue to close. What I can do to help to solve this bug?
  5. Thanks that was the problem, I don't know why time sync stopped on my system... Now works correctly.
  6. Enpass generate not valid TOTP Hi, I'm getting authentication error when I try to use TOTP generated with Enpass seams that the codes that it generate are not valid. I've tried with Github and with Gmail and I have the same error the codes are not valid. This is strange since I used it since last month.
  7. I have made some experiment with some combination of variables and I get best result with the following: export QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR=0 export QT_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTORS=2.0 I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 Unity on Dell Precision M5510 screen resolution 3840x2160
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