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Need Enpass assistance with new Mac

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It is quite amazing how many people help others on this forum. Kudos to you guys that take a few minutes to answer these crazy questions and help us peeps! Here goes with my crazy question. I have looked through lots of inquiries and answers on here. I can’t quite solve what I need and want to do. I have Enpass on my win 10 laptop and google drive sync to my iphone. I have 250 pieces of data in my vault. It works great. I recently bought a macbook. I am getting familiar with my mac and now I need to get Enpass working on the mac. I installed Enpass on my mac and Enpass boots up fine and Enpass asks some questions. I want to sync my mac Enpass to my google drive.....

I am not a new user (that is I have a master password).

I want to restore from cloud (my google drive).

Google drive is an option to select. When I select google drive it takes me to a window that says “Proxy” – configure how Enpass connects to the internet. Then there is a box to select – “Manual proxy configuration”. If I select that box there are three (3) options I need to fill in….

1. Server address and port number.

2. Username.

3. Password.

Username and Password has to be my Google login credentials. However I do not know where to find the server address and port number. I assume that is my google drive info. Can someone guide me to where I can find these pieces of info?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi @Secure,

Thanks for using Enpass and writing to us.

It seems like you are clicking on the networking setting. Please try to either scroll or enlarge the Enpass window to click on the Google drive option. If that doesn't help, share the screenshot of the issue so we can help you better.

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Howdy Pratyush,

Thanks for the reply. No I am not clicking on anything in Enpass. This is the screen that opens when I open Enpass. Here is a scrape of what I see on my mac. It is the options on the right side that I am confused over.....


Then if I select Google drive - Network settings it goes to this screen below. From this screen it is server address and port number that I do not know what to do with.....



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