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  1. Howdy Pratyush, Thanks for the reply. No I am not clicking on anything in Enpass. This is the screen that opens when I open Enpass. Here is a scrape of what I see on my mac. It is the options on the right side that I am confused over..... Then if I select Google drive - Network settings it goes to this screen below. From this screen it is server address and port number that I do not know what to do with.....
  2. Hello, It is quite amazing how many people help others on this forum. Kudos to you guys that take a few minutes to answer these crazy questions and help us peeps! Here goes with my crazy question. I have looked through lots of inquiries and answers on here. I can’t quite solve what I need and want to do. I have Enpass on my win 10 laptop and google drive sync to my iphone. I have 250 pieces of data in my vault. It works great. I recently bought a macbook. I am getting familiar with my mac and now I need to get Enpass working on the mac. I installed Enpass on my mac and Enpass boots up fine and Enpass asks some questions. I want to sync my mac Enpass to my google drive..... I am not a new user (that is I have a master password). I want to restore from cloud (my google drive). Google drive is an option to select. When I select google drive it takes me to a window that says “Proxy” – configure how Enpass connects to the internet. Then there is a box to select – “Manual proxy configuration”. If I select that box there are three (3) options I need to fill in…. 1. Server address and port number. 2. Username. 3. Password. Username and Password has to be my Google login credentials. However I do not know where to find the server address and port number. I assume that is my google drive info. Can someone guide me to where I can find these pieces of info? Thanks in advance, David
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