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Guest Akash Vyas

Hey @BeZazz

I'm glad that you found a workaround. However, I was wondering, how did you end up with the duplicate entries in your DB?

On 11/10/2017 at 2:25 PM, BeZazz said:

Is there a way to delete duplicates?


The option to remove duplicates is currently not available in Enpass but has option to import through generic CSV.


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I just wanted to throw in the desire for a 'Find duplicates' tool again. Aside from the obvious accidental duplication, I think many potential users evaluating Enpass run it side-by-side with their current password manager at least initially. Inevitably, there will be duplicates or additions to Enpass that may not be in the other manager, preventing the user from just deleting the full Enpass DB and starting over. Just an upvote for an option to find duplicates.

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