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  1. I ended up fixing this by deleting the data on my ownCloud.
  2. Just adding a me too, to this.
  3. Issue occurs on FF on Fedora also. Enpass should probably do some testing before releasing stuff EDIT: A few uninstalls, reinstalls reboots for good measure and appears to be working.
  4. So does enpass have auto fill or not? Best I can tell, auto fill either does not work or auto fill actually requires a couple of mouse clicks. I dropped LastPass for enpass but from what I can tell the advertised auto fill does not exist.
  5. BeZazz

    Delete duplicates

    While I did not find that link, I did do that and Enpass kept locking up. Possibly due to the amount of passwords I was trying to import (about 1,500)
  6. BeZazz


    OK, Thank you.
  7. BeZazz


    The "amp;amp;" is occurring whenever there is an "&" in a password.
  8. BeZazz


    I exported from LastPass then imported. One of my passwords started with "&". Enpass imported it as "&"
  9. BeZazz

    Delete duplicates

    I exported as a csv as that way the info was on one line. Ran a one liner to remove duplicates. Then when I went to import I could find no easy way (maybe I just missed it). So I just erased everything and reimported my LastPass DB.
  10. BeZazz

    Delete duplicates

    Is there a way to delete duplicates? If not would it be possible to export then use a third party script/app to remove duplicates? Or would doing that wreck the file stucture? Thanks
  11. While I realise I Posted this in the wrong section. It would be good to get some kind of acknowledgement about my issue instead of being ignored
  12. If Chrome is like FF you can right click in the input field.
  13. Well I am a sucker I paid for it. Support seems quite lacking.(Just an observation of a new member here)
  14. I am new here not sure how things work but should I open a support ticket as opposed to posting on the forum?
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