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Enpass + Firefox Quantum(?) maxing CPU

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I was just using my computer normally, not even using the enpass extension, when my fan started spinning up. I opened up htop and saw that an enpass process that seemed to have something to do with firefox seemed to be maxing one of my CPU cores. The htop screenshot can be found here, but a transcript of the process name is "/opt/Enpass/bin/EnpassHelper/EnpassNMHost /home/redrield/.mozilla/native-messaging-hosts/EnpassNMHost.json firefox-enpass@enpass.io".

What is this process doing? It doesn't seem critical to the app, because it doesn't break anything when I SIGTERM it, but it seems like UB for something to just sit there and seemingly do nothing.


Environment details

Enpass desktop version: 5.6.0

Extension: Firefox Quantum extension (from forums)

Operating system: Arch Linux

Linux version:

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Hi I am having the same issue on a Macbook pro 15 with the same process EnpassNMHost.json and it is not making any sense since it doesn't do the same to Chrome or Opera.



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