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Using Enpass Chrome extension without desktop app?


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Dear all, 

I am wondering whether there are any plans from your side to support using the Enpass Chrome extension without the Desktop app?

I am coming from Bitwarden and LastPass and was surprised to see that I cannot just use the Enpass Chrome extension but need an additional Desktop app to use it. 

Looking forward to your replies!

Thank you.


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+1, but not only for Chrome, but for Firefox or browser extensions in general.

For me, it is because at work I cannot start non-whitelisted executables, so for now, the need for a desktop app is making it impossible for me to use Enpass in the browser at work and thus using Enpass at all, because using Lastpass and Enpass is cumbersome (ownCloud is usable at work, so synchronizing the Enpass database is possible for me). I however do like Enpass and would like to switch to it.

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Guest Akash Vyas

Hey guys,

Currently, we don't have any such plans. All cryptography happens locally on desktop app and it acts as a server for extension. Extension only solution will require at least a compatible sqlcipher javascript library which doesn't exist as of now. 


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