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First key press is ignored after reentering master password


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When you enter a wrong master password and hit enter, a red circle appears around the padlock, and the password box get blocked for around 2 seconds. When I try to unlock Enpass, I happen to type a wrong password, but then start retyping it instantly. And then it turns out to be wrong again, then again, and again. Before I started paying attention what actually happens, I thought that I was typing a wrong password multiple times. The truth was that keyboard input was ignored during the two seconds, while red circle was visible and the password box was hidden.

What I would expect intuitively is that keyboard input is not ignored, and that pressing any key brings back the password box, before the 2-second delay passes. This way no key pressed could be ignored, letting the user access their password vaults quicker. Would you consider an improvement here?


Best regards,

Mariusz Schimke

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