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Enpass iCloud sync via cdn.apple-cloudkit.com triggers phishing warning from Microsoft Edge


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I've been using Enpass for several years across multiple devices (mac, iphone, WIN10 pro) - no issues so far. Image my surprise when my WIN10 Enpass session with iCloud expired today, requiring me to reauthenticate using my Apple-ID only to receive a warning from Microsoft Edge that the site cdn.apple-cloudkit.com was being used for phishing ... Naturally I did not complete the process. Any idea what's happening? Please advise ...


WIN10 Pro (20H2)
Enpass 6.5.2 (725)


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Hi @user22359,

Welcome to the forums!

It looks like Microsoft's smart screen is blocking this apple website for reasons best known to them. Please follow the steps given below and share your findings:

  • Copy the URL from the browser when you get this error.
  • Open any other browser and paste the URL. If possible, use chrome.
  • It will ask to launch the Enpass app.

Hope this helps!

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