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Is it really more safe?

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ChaosNo1    0

Maybe it has already discussed but I try to understand why Enpass is more secure than "online" password manager. I need to sync my accounts to more than one device. So i decided to do that via WebDAV on my personal synology NAS system which is only reachable from the internet via VPN.

But however, I think my home is not as secure as a data center like from amazon. So, if my nas gets stolen, it may be possible to get the encrypted database file with the passwords in a more easy way then to break into the data centers used by online password manager. The same is for backup on other external drives. 

So what is the real different?

A hacker cannot login to my account? Well, they can't when use 2FA.

A hacker can get the encrypted DB file? Well this is also possible for Enpass as soon as you use the sync option (or the notebook gets stolen). As I said, i think it is more difficult to get these files from professional cloud providers others than from "local" storages. My home and NAS are not insecure but they are not Fort Knox :-D

So what I ask myself is: Isn't it just a feeling to be more safe? What do you think?




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kinwolf    2

Who is the more probable target: your personal NAS that no one really know exist, and that holds only one person's passwords?(and even then, no one knew it held your passwords database until you wrote it here)  Or, say, lastpass servers that thieves know holds billions of passwords?

Unless you are worth multi-billions yourself, I think your NAS is safer.


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