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  1. It's funny(not) how they never answer the question itself, and keep using different words to basically tell you nothing. Almost feel like an AI bot. Here is one for you Enpass : How about you explain to us the development cycle you use? How can you be so bad at maintaining the portable version that you always abandon for months(over a year now)after doing a release? It was the same with v5
  2. I had to search too. It might be there, but it ain't intuitive at all.
  3. It would be nice to get ETA updates without having to constantly ask.
  4. *sigh* You could have warned that upgrading to Enpass 6 would not be supported with the portable version. Now I have 2 separate vaults, one for v5 and one for v6, that are out of sync, and no news when the portable version will be up to speed. Poor execution.
  5. I have the same problem. Ff 60 with enpass portable latest version. The only way to make it work it to always reinstall the FF extension. Very annoying.
  6. Hi, latest update on this? Firefox 56 has become amazingly annoying, asking to be upgraded all the time, but I can't until enpass portable supports webextensions
  7. Who is the more probable target: your personal NAS that no one really know exist, and that holds only one person's passwords?(and even then, no one knew it held your passwords database until you wrote it here) Or, say, lastpass servers that thieves know holds billions of passwords? Unless you are worth multi-billions yourself, I think your NAS is safer.
  8. Same question about an ETA for 5.6 for the portable version. I am also really wondering why there is such a lag btw versions and why so many versions, with different features, exist on windows. It's the first time I see this development method. Totally confusing.
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