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  1. By the way: That no one from Enpass team gives a statement to any complaint related to that decision shows me, that they don't care about it. Nor on twitter, neither in this forum.
  2. @rowankaag have you read my post? attachments ARE still free. You wrote attachments are a new feature , I wrote that it was also possible in V5. Not wrote in any word that it is not free in V6 Paying only gets you custom categories and custom templates. And that helps me how? I didn't miss that in V5 and still don't need that. However - as I wrote - I would have paid for it anyway, just to support the team. But I do not support their philosophy. Yes, they made an impopular decision on Touch ID. Which is also now a paid upgrade (see your statement above, its missing there and was free in Version 5. Other (new) features are (still) free. Again: I don't care about the other new features in the free version of V6. It wouldn't make a difference for me if they are there or not. But Moving Touch ID Support from free to paid is a decision that I will not support. Not for 6 Dollar, 10, or 1. The company made a decision that shows me (and that is my interpretation) that I cannot trust them in future decision. Pay again with Version 7, Moving other features like synch to V7 Paid upgrade, move to subscription, etc. You don't need to share this point of view. It is my personal and resulted from Lessons I have learned in the past with other apps. I may be wrong... sure. The price is not high... yes. But I made my decision.
  3. I agree. Again... it is the philosophy that I will not support. They could have put all new features to the pro features. But most of them are very special and won't generate much paying customers (BTW: I was able to add attachments in Version 5 too). I guess that resulted in the decision to take a often used feature that many users want to have to the pro features in order to "force" more people to pay for the upgrade. If they kept this feature for free - because it was - I would have upgraded to pro without thinking about it, even when I don't need the other features. So I have to three options 1. Ignore the fact and pay the upgrade, because I want to have fingerprint login on my Mac - Means the forced upgrade policy worked for them in my case 2. Ignore the Update and do not use fingerprint login - No, I like the comfortable way 3. Switch to another product I habe a big problem with 1. I will not get forced in this way. Call me crazy or whatever you want, but that is my philosophy. So for me, 3 is my option. By the way, they could have kept Enpass 5 in the App Stores for exiting customers too and offer Enpass 6 as a free Product with pro upgrade as they did. They decided to force us to that upgrade with all consequences, bugs and not working features / Browser Plugins.
  4. I can't believe what I read here from the official Support. - You released a new Version of Enpass and talking about new features in that version but in fact, they are not ready yet? - You added new features to the free desktop version but removed on the other hand a very important feature (Touch ID support) from the free to the Paid version? Why that decision? - You released a very buggy version of Enpass 6 where many things are not working but ask for patience? Maybe finish first and release then would have been the better strategy than use us a beta tester - You made a lot of customers by give them your desktop version for free and now asking vor money without the possibility to keep the previous version.... Ha.. trapped... Want your features back? Pay for it! You lost me... no money for you from me - Never again. I only support fair behavior. That feels not fair. That feels forced.
  5. @rowankaag great that you are happy with the new Enpass. But forget to test essential functions like autofill is a sign of bad test management. For a password Manage this is a basic feature. However, the main issue that I have is, that I feel forced to pay. It's not about the price. Its the Philosophy that I cannot support. "Hey, we have some cool new features, but we need to charge you for them" --> Ok. I would really pay for them, even if I do not need them. Just to support Enpass "Hey, we have a new Version and we want to have now from you so that you have still the same features as in the prior version" --> NO. That feels like to be forced to buy the upgrade to keep my user experience. Again, it's not the price itself. It's not that they want to generate income with new features. It is the fact that they tempt the customers and now want to get money for the same functionality as in Enpass 5
  6. It's sad to say but I think you released a poor beta of Enpass. When I follow all the topics in the forum and considering my own experiences, I am not sure If I should trust my Data to Enpass anymore. Let's see what is reported so far - Not working Sync - Not working Pro Upgrade - Not working Browser Extensions - Corrupted databases or missing passwords after upgrade - get charged for features that were free in Version 5 Considering all of this, I ask myself two things 1. Have you tested your Software and Plugins before the release or was it more important for you to get money from your existing users? How can I trust a company that releases a bad beta version an a final realease that handles personal and confidential data? 2. What will come next when now ask for money for old features? What kind of business is that? For new features, ok. I would be willing to pay on order to support you. But not this way. I really thing about to switch to another products now.
  7. Maybe it has already discussed but I try to understand why Enpass is more secure than "online" password manager. I need to sync my accounts to more than one device. So i decided to do that via WebDAV on my personal synology NAS system which is only reachable from the internet via VPN. But however, I think my home is not as secure as a data center like from amazon. So, if my nas gets stolen, it may be possible to get the encrypted database file with the passwords in a more easy way then to break into the data centers used by online password manager. The same is for backup on other external drives. So what is the real different? A hacker cannot login to my account? Well, they can't when use 2FA. A hacker can get the encrypted DB file? Well this is also possible for Enpass as soon as you use the sync option (or the notebook gets stolen). As I said, i think it is more difficult to get these files from professional cloud providers others than from "local" storages. My home and NAS are not insecure but they are not Fort Knox :-D So what I ask myself is: Isn't it just a feeling to be more safe? What do you think? C.
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