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Bug with multiple URL fields?


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About a month ago, I discovered that Enpass has the ability to auto-fill a login, based on multiple URL fields. I really love this feature! I was able to consolidate several login entries (with the same password) into one.

But I think there might be a bug. Lately, the auto-fill fails on my "multiple URL entry" logins. I get either the standard "Enpass Connection error" message, or nothing at all. Pressing the autofill command (/+) doesn't work. So I did some tinkering, and here's what I found:

If I visit a different auto-fill web-site - one that has only a single URL - and press the autofill command, it works. Then, if I return to the multiple URL web-site, and try again, it works too.

One more thing: this only happens in the Edge browser!  Even though I have a work-around, I wish that Sinew Software would fix this bug!

Thank you for creating such an amazing product.

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