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Bug in Onedrive Sync


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When I set up sync with Onedrive, the authorization process request access to 


Working with your own folder in OneDrive
Enpass can open and edit files in the Apps/Enpass folder.

 I grant the auth request. But when I try to sync I get the Error 'please enter your master password'. The reason is that you tried to save the database in Onedrive unter /Enpass instead under /Apps/Enpass as requested by the Oauth authorization request.  This triggers the error.


After I moved the files manually from /Enpass to /Apps/Enpass syncing started to function. But you still write the file sync_default.walletx to /Enpass. WTF?

Please fix this bug.


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Guest Akash Vyas

Hey @RichardK

Actually, when we developed Enpass, the App folders were not available for use in OneDrive. However, we've already implemented this in the development tree of the next major update Enpass 6.


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