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Dropbox-Sync failed

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After Update to MacOS 11.2 the dropbox-sync doesn't work. I have disconnect the sync and tried to connect again then everytime the message: "Could not verify your credintials. Please log in again to sync your data."
Restart, dropbox-logout, nothing helped.

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App Store just spins forever.  Enpass needs a proprietary update option in Preferences.  Relying on the App Store is like expecting police to show up in time to save you during a home invasion.

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Hi @aaronbernak @Texconsin,

Apologies for the trouble you are going through.

It might be some technical issues with the App Store. Could you please retry after restarting the system? If the problem persists, please let me know in which country you are facing this issue so that we can investigate it further—also, the OS version of your device.


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