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  1. @Tim Trense - thank you for the long explanation on statistical thinking, but statistic is only created with age and population. I had already agreed to a setting solution here and you could have saved a lot of time instead of explaining something that was not required at all. I am just here to debate against the title of this discussion which wants to remove the minimizing into system tray all together just to be technically accurate, and the developer agreed to it so I wanted to point out the other side as well. After all, I am only trying to match the interaction to the mental model of the generic user and not someone who has an in-depth knowledge of SDI and MDI and IBM CUA of 1987. The user is not me! it is everyone else. I don't need to be academically accurate. I just need to provide joy to my users! I hope you understand that most of the interaction patterns that were developed in 90s were engineering driven and were optimized to run on the hardware limitation of that time hence closing application was utmost important then.
  2. Having a setting to minimize instead of close will be a good bipartisan solution ☺️
  3. @Kashish - Please do not change the current behavior and kill the enpass app on clicking the cross(x) button. The app needs to by running even when the users accidently clicks the X button. Changing this to the default behavior will destroy the experience of the entire enpass platform and make it too hard to use and you will loose a lot of customers. What you have is the way it should work as the users want it ... not the way Microsoft intended it in 1995 as @patanne mentioned in his earlier posts. We should not promote an outdated and bad UX forward. I dont think there was enough research and maturity in 1995 on how the windows and applications should work. People needed to close the apps because the ram was a few mb in 1995 .. not anymore.. the close button does not make any sense in 2020. The system must match the user's mental model and what makes sense, not the way an old system made a judgement call without leaving any room for improvement.
  4. Why would you want to kill the password manager and enter your mega master password every time? Don't you want to keep it running? I think the current implementation is absolutely fine. I think the purists here don't like the misuse of the "x" button on the top right corner. I would suggest to create a custom title bar and just have the minimize to system-tray icon button and the maximize button in the top right the corner and remove the confusion all together.
  5. Any updates? I have the same issue. I have to always search the website or the app name inorder for enpass to paste the username and password. However Brave on Mac has no issued. On only Android phones.
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