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One time premium discount for pro user


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A discount was offered to me for a one time payment (think it was 39.99€) for the premium features. It was labelled «Just today, just for Pro Users».

I'm not gonna lie, I'm not super pleased to have to pay again, but on the other hand :
- I kind of understand the reasoning behind it
- I like enpass I guess I'm ok to help the team behind it
- I've read an answer that states that you will not have another tier upgrade for which I will need to pay again in the future.
And It would get rid of this annoying red screen space waste that breach protocol alert is for non premium users (super annoying, not cool on your part to through this at us).

Long story short I decided to pay, once more.

But the payment did not work. Not sure if the problem was on Google payment part or Enpass implementation. After having choose which card to pay with, I was presented a gray screen with a single button (not sure what the label was ... «Payment verification» perhaps ?). I would click that button again and again but nothing would happen.
So I was forced to abandon and did click «Remind me later» on the offer screen.
Since this offer was labelled «Just today», I would like to try again ... but I don't understand how ? The splash screen doesn't show up anymore, even if I kill the app or reboot my phone.

I will not pay for the non discounted price, so I'm hoping this offers get extended or that you will show me how to pay you for this upgrade today.

Thanks (from a long time enpass user)

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