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  1. A discount was offered to me for a one time payment (think it was 39.99€) for the premium features. It was labelled «Just today, just for Pro Users». I'm not gonna lie, I'm not super pleased to have to pay again, but on the other hand : - I kind of understand the reasoning behind it - I like enpass I guess I'm ok to help the team behind it - I've read an answer that states that you will not have another tier upgrade for which I will need to pay again in the future. And It would get rid of this annoying red screen space waste that breach protocol alert is for non premium users (super
  2. @Tahreem : some experimentations on my part that may help the devs : I did look at the last modification date of my vault on nextcloud : 5 november 2 of the entries created after this date attracted my attention : 2 wifi passwords that Enpass did save but ... I wasn't able to see any actual password : there was just an Icon «System», which when clicked did open my tablet settings menu I deleted these 2 entries (move to trash, then delete them from trash) tried to sync : NO SUCCESS Then : I did create a local backup of my (current and only) vault. Created
  3. Hey @Tahreem, I've send a email with the nextcloud test account. Unfortunately, as I explained in the mail, I have interesting new information : I've created a new vault (with the credentials I've sent to you by mail), and surprise, the new vault syncs with no problem! Same nextcloud server / config, same enpass app! (just an empty vault and a new user) My guess is that I have something in my main vault that prevents Enpass to sync...
  4. @Tahreem : any news on this bug ? The sync has been broken for a while now and it's starting to be really annoying to have to type every password on my phone (my previous one died on me, and I can't start get Enpass to work/sync on it at all). Furthermore, I don't have a backup for my new passwords (I'm trying to save them on the same device (tablet), but the other ones (phone, windows, linux) don't have the most recent ones). Let me know if you want a PM with a webdav account to test it. Enpass versions : phone (Oneplus 3T / Android 9 / OxygenOS 9.0.5) :
  5. Same error on two different android devices (a new Galaxy Tab s6 tablet and an android one phone from Xiaomi). The sync to my webdav from nextcloud fails with error 907018 It was working correctly recently.
  6. Hi! I would like to start by saying that I love the new look and the multiple vaults feature! You guys have put a lot of efforts in this new version and it shows! But to be honest, I'm a bit disappointment : I thought it would be possible to have a multi user usage of Enpass. If I understand correctly, the master password grants access to ALL the vaults? I was hopping that with Enpass 6, both my wife and I could have access to our own private Enpass vaults and connect these to our respective chrome extensions on the main (family) computer... The way it's implemented is awesome
  7. Update [Solved]: I booted my linux box this morning, tried again and Enpass now syncs ! I have no clue were was the problem. Nothing has changed, nothing was updated. So morality : always listen to Roy and Maurice : «Have you tried turning it off and on again?»
  8. Since this problem does affect the 5.3.0 linux app too (ubuntu 16.04) : - Is it possible do have access to a previous (working) version ? - do you have any ETA for the fix (even an vague one: next week, before the end of this month, next month…)? Thank you, David.
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