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Having trouble restoring an automatic backup file


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Hey Team,


I have some trouble restoring am automatic *.enpassbackup file under UWP App, current version 6.6.0 (770)


The enpassbackups have been recovered from a crashed machine. (The exact Enpass app version cannot be determined now.)

Sync was not used.

After selecting the backup file and entering the PW, Enpass denies access by "Wrong password" message.

- Password is correct, confirmed by copy/paste and visibility button in the password field.


Are automatic backups bound to the machine where created?

Alternatively I tried:

- to replace from my backup the 'Vaults" folder or just the enpassdb file, as I have seen some changes in the *.json file between my backup files and the current version.

- some portable versions like 6.0.7 or 6.4.0

but Enpass does deny the access in the same way.


I do not see any obvious mistakes I could have made, so I appreciate any hints and clearification.

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