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[Lifetime Pro to Lifetime Premium discount offer]


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I am life time purchased "Pro" user.
There shows "Offer for Pro users, 60% off for first year" in iPhone app.
I would like to purchase life time upgrading premium edition same as pro instead of yearly subscription.
How can I purchase like as 60% off for life time premium edition for pro user?
Are there any offer for pro users discount life time premium edition purchase?

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2 hours ago, Pratyush Sharma said:

Hi @MoonRaven,

We only ask users to mail us one on one so we can check whether or not there is an eligible criteria that can be met for a discount. This is to avoid giving a response that can be confused with a standard discount policy.

Thanks for understanding.

Everyone in that topic was talking about the pro lifetime subscription, so saying "Hey, contact us at support@enpass.io and we can offer it price x as a lifetime upgrade". The only thing I saw was that someone got 25% off, which is still a lot more than what premium lifetime was offered at a couple of months ago.

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