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  1. Well not 2FA, that's just things like the TOTP. The breach monitor is something we as users can access for free, but for software, they might have to pay for each check. Still, they promised the new features and they still offer a lifetime subscription.
  2. Soooo.... A. it's still not fixed B. You're still not doing anything for your founding members. We were your ambassadors, the ones who wrote about it, who recommended it to others. Hell, I purchased multiple lifetime licenses. You've seen what's happening to your rating and the reviews in the play store... The "discount" is just a slap in the face. You're the ones who offered a lifetime license, you're STILL offering it, so saying we should all just switch to a subscription is BS. Hell, the desktop version still says "All-access". I'm fine with upgrading for a minor fee, but the way you're treating existing vs new users (like the $25 lifetime premium license, which is the same price as the renewal price for premium).
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if enpass uses a database and KeePass uses a flat file. Didn't even think about the audit trail/transaction log. OK bye.
  4. As a programmer I can say that a smaller file size does not mean it's better per se. You can store data in many ways and some make it more readable, some make it smaller and some make it that data is more recoverable. E.g. Site:x Username:y Password:z Vs S:x U:y P:z Vs <site>x</site> <username>y</username> <password>z</password> In case 1, it's a basic storage. In case 2, there's minimal size, but it's less readable. In case 3, if data gets corrupted, you'll know since <password>x)_~€¿ will not be valid, while Password:x)_~€¿ is. Storage isn't that expensive anymore, so a 1mb vault vs a 5mb one doesn't say much. Hell, it might even be stored the same way, but the encryption is different which may make it bigger.
  5. Here's a screenshot of the 6.3 version for android.
  6. I just added that to my comment because holy shit... Or how about getting 2 years for $15 right now? Much cheaper than what we pro lifetime holders get... https://stacksocial.com/sales/enpass-2-yr-subscription We get it, you have recurring costs here, so make us a GOOD offer.
  7. The biggest slap in the face is that the offer for the pro users is €20.99 a year after the "special" discount. A normal individual license is € 21,49 a year. Just wow... Guess the old lifetime licenses are worthless? What's EVEN WORSE is that they sold lifetime premium licenses on stacksocial for what we have to pay every year, even though we had a lifetime license before...
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