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  1. Wow, I decided to check up on this again and it got even worse...
  2. I've moved my passwords to bitwarden due to this. In the long run, it seems like the cheapest place and yes, I pay for it. I think Enpass is a great solution, the business management is just really messed up. I do hope you'll fix your business model at some point. We all want you to succeed, we all want to move on from this blemish. On the other hand, the removal of the mobile banner has taken over 3 months already. As a software developer myself, it's clear this has 0 priority. Having an option to hide it would take me less than a day. Including review in iOS and Android, it would've taken a couple of days at best. Point is. I'm just really sad that a product I've actively promoted is going this route. In the last couple of months, I compare this to freemake. A product that has featureset x, you pay for it as a lifetime subscription.. Then it has feautreset x+y, It's also a lifetime subscription, but y is excluded from the previous subscription. Their lifetime subscription keeps expanding, but never does it include the new options. It's not a way to run a business. Either be honest and kill of lifetime subscriptions and honor the ones you have (like malwarebytes) or be honest and offer a great deal to your current lifetime subscribers explaining that new features aren't feasible. And no, a 50 cent discount on a year subscription does not count as that. The subscription you're offering is even more expensive compared to the new lifetime subscription you offered for the new premium subscription for $25. Again, I have promoted Enpass in the past, I like the product, I just hate the business model you're going for and due to that, I have to actively send people away from the product. The reason I post this is because I care way more than I should. Most people will just cut their losses and move on.
  3. Everyone in that topic was talking about the pro lifetime subscription, so saying "Hey, contact us at support@enpass.io and we can offer it price x as a lifetime upgrade". The only thing I saw was that someone got 25% off, which is still a lot more than what premium lifetime was offered at a couple of months ago.
  4. Yes, through MyAppFree. https://www.androidauthority.com/enpass-password-manager-pro-key-free-667225/
  5. Why are offers only given to people behind closed doors? We were asking for some deal in and it was ignored
  6. Doubt you'll get a reply. So far they're not willing to do more than give the same standard reply. Due to the LastPass changes, people are looking for a new password manager and due to the shady business practice, me and others have recommended people to steer away. It's a shame, but oh well... Either stop with lifetime all together and honor all current subscriptions or stop with it all together. I can understand a charge for the people who got pro for free, but for the people who paid...
  7. Given that they've shown that they locked the other post where they promised things and didn't get to it ( , I doubt soon. I really had great hopes for Enpass, but they overpromise and underdeliver. Hell, I've recommended it to so many people, but they only use canned responses lately. I've even seen someone who had an upgrade option for their lifetime subscription, even though I never had one. The price was higher than the offer that new users had months ago (39.99 vs 24.99). Their ratings on the appstores have dropped. I legit am sad about this all..
  8. So... My desktop app got updated, according to that, 0 of my accounts are compromised. According to the android app, 2 of my websites have been compromised... This doesn't really inspire confidence...
  9. Android got updated, still no fix for this.
  10. It's been well over a month now and you STILL haven't done anything for us but disrespect. Remember, a complaining customer still wants things to be solved, else they wouldn't invest time in it. Your ratings are dropping and your offer is still absolute bullshit (€0.50 discount a year).
  11. Well not 2FA, that's just things like the TOTP. The breach monitor is something we as users can access for free, but for software, they might have to pay for each check. Still, they promised the new features and they still offer a lifetime subscription.
  12. Soooo.... A. it's still not fixed B. You're still not doing anything for your founding members. We were your ambassadors, the ones who wrote about it, who recommended it to others. Hell, I purchased multiple lifetime licenses. You've seen what's happening to your rating and the reviews in the play store... The "discount" is just a slap in the face. You're the ones who offered a lifetime license, you're STILL offering it, so saying we should all just switch to a subscription is BS. Hell, the desktop version still says "All-access". I'm fine with upgrading for a minor fee, but the way you're treating existing vs new users (like the $25 lifetime premium license, which is the same price as the renewal price for premium).
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if enpass uses a database and KeePass uses a flat file. Didn't even think about the audit trail/transaction log. OK bye.
  14. As a programmer I can say that a smaller file size does not mean it's better per se. You can store data in many ways and some make it more readable, some make it smaller and some make it that data is more recoverable. E.g. Site:x Username:y Password:z Vs S:x U:y P:z Vs <site>x</site> <username>y</username> <password>z</password> In case 1, it's a basic storage. In case 2, there's minimal size, but it's less readable. In case 3, if data gets corrupted, you'll know since <password>x)_~€¿ will not be valid, while Password:x)_~€¿ is. Storage isn't that expensive anymore, so a 1mb vault vs a 5mb one doesn't say much. Hell, it might even be stored the same way, but the encryption is different which may make it bigger.
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