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I have several hundred records in my Vault

I Use categories to organize all my records, but there are too many of them, even inside one category.

So, I ask ability to make nested categories, as I can found in other password managers.

It's will help me to organize my records in more logical way.

I just don't want to keep all my categories in root level, because there are too many of them ...

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Hi @Maestro,

Welcome to the forums!

There are no options to create sub-categories, but you can manage your data in Enpass using Tags as it allows users to create a Sub-Tag. You can make it via Right-click on the existing Tag name from the sidebar > Select Create Sub-Tag → Enter name and save. This way, you can create tags in the hierarchy you want. For more details, have a look at our user manual regarding how to manage tags.


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Hmm, I don't know about sub-tags. Thanks for explanation.

But I use tags in different way. I use it to collect records from different categories united by other conditions. It's very useful future, that help me pickup records from different categories.

But, if you already have such option for Tags, why you can't implement same option for Categories ? I mean create sub-categories from sidebar ?

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