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OneDrive share can't login one second pc

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I am trying to setup a shared vault using one drive. First pc all setup and syncing. Second pc when I try to sync to my one drive account it auto logs into OneDrive as the other member of staffs one drive not mine. There is no prompt to login with a different account. Very frustrating, the sharing issues are making this unusable in a business environment.

Any ideas how I can get the enpass app to login to OneDrive with my account on the second pc.

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Hi @lookslikerain75,

Thanks for writing in.

When you set up sync in Enpass, it redirects to the default browser for authentication. In your case, as there is someone's OneDrive account is already logged in, so the app is using that for syncing. To use your OneDrive account for syncing, follow the below steps:

  • Logout from the other OneDrive account on the default browser (to which Enpass is redirecting for login).
  • Now, open Enpass, try setting up sync again. This time you will be prompted to to sign in to your Microsoft account.
  • After successfully syncing, you can logout the OneDrive account from the browser.
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