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creating a new entry in Enpass


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Looks like the behaviour of Enpass has changed.

Until a few weeks (or month) ago, Enpass behaved as follows:
I create a new entry->logging->default .
Then I start filling in the "Note" field. After I leave Enpass open without saving and work on something else (not Enpass). Later I want to complete the entry in Enpass and save it. Since there is a long inactivity in Enpass, I get logged out automatically.

In the meantime, I want to complete the entry. To do this, I enter the password again.
Now Enpass opens and the entry, I started before, opens again and I can continue directly.


But today I noticed that the behaviour is different now:
When I enter the password again to log me into Enpass to complete the entry, I cannot continue. The entry has been deleted and I have to start again from the beginning.


Question: Why was this behaviour changed? What is the benefit?

Thank you very much for your answer.

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