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Hi @ironylife,

Welcome to the Enpass Community.

Thanks for letting us know about this glitch, I have duly noted down your feedback and forwarrded this to our concerened team to update this as soon as possible, Enpass appreciates your efforts.

  • image.thumb.png.8cf19da4ff926447cad76b74be0ee30b.png

What is unlimited items?

  • Enpass is absolutely free on the desktop version with unlimited items, passwords and vaults (a few features won't be available due to the free version) but in order to have the same unlimited experience on the Enpass mobile app, users need to purchase it like individual subscription plan, Family option or Lifetime membership. This purchase will also unlock premium features like 2FA & Breach monitoring for users on all platforms.

Does the individual plan not have an unlimited item feature?

  • Yes, Individual plan does have unlimited items feature.
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