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Autofill adds comma to street address

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  • 2 weeks later...

I also had this problem when autofilling my address on a website. There was a "," added at the end of the street address. I tried to reproduce this, but I couldn't. I'm not able to remember the website...

But when trying to add a new address to my ebay.de account, there was no "," added. :/


I'll try to think of this issue when I add my address in the future and got this ",".

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Hi @Nucleus_sapiens

Welcome to the Enpass Forums!

I will gladly have this investigated for you. Please share the below details with me, and I'll get this behavior checked with the team -

  1. The version of the Enpass app (Store or Website), OS, Enpass Extension, and browser you are using.
  2. Are you experiencing the same issue on any other browsers as well?
  3. A screenshot of the webpage in which you are facing the concern and also can you please share the URL.
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Another website, and here I'm able to reproduce this issue!

That's the identity I'm using in Enpass:


As you can see, there is no "," after the number.
But after autofilling the identity on the above website, there is a "," and a space " " added to the end of the street and number.


I'm using Windows 11 Pro 21H2 and Enpass website version 6.7.4 installed. For autofilling, I'm using Vivaldi browser 5.0.2497.48 (Stable channel) (64-Bit) with Enpass extension 6.7.4 installed.

Same issue appears in Microsoft Edge 97.0.1072.76 (Offizielles Build) (64-Bit) with Enpass extension 6.7.0 installed.

Hope it helps narrow down the issue... :)

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