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Cannot get Enpass to Auto Save account when new sign in is detected

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I am not able to currently find an option to auto save an account when a new login is detected? Is this currently a feature?.

Also the ability to autofill fields and pre populate them would be great without having to go find an option and pre-set it first - if it can pick these up from a previous session this would be great.

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Hi @loneranger!

What version of Enpass are you using and on which OS and browser?

I'm using Windows 11 and Vivaldi browser. I use the website version 6.7.4 of Enpass. When trying to fill out username and password on an unknown website, there are 2 possibilities to save the credentials into Enpass.


First possibility is to add the credentials via inline-popup. You will get this popup window from Enpass, where you can check / change the information from that site.


As a second possibility, you could just click the Login-button to bring up the Enpass popup. It looks the same as the popup you get within the first possibility.


But you have to enable the setting "Ask to save new logins" in the browser settings of the Enpass app in Windows.


I hope this helps?

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