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Licence purchased with Apple. Want to use on Android Tablet

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Hi there,

i have a Problem. I purchased the Premium licence with my apple ID. It works well on the phone and on my Windows Notebook. Now i want to use the Licence on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A. I cannot get the Premium status. There is just the Light Version on the Tablet.
[Edit]: The Sync via iCloud worked. i just have 25 positions out of over 9000 ;) just kidding. 42 for real

I would appreciate if anybody could help me :)

Best wishes



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Hello @MaxaM,

Welcome to the Enpass Community Forums.

I certainly understand your concern about not being able to use your license on your Tab. However, I would suggest you make sure you use the correct email ID to register Enpass on your Tab. There could be instances when Enpass fails to identify earlier purchases and limits the number of items. The account under Settings will be either Lite or Trial, depending on the registration status.

  1. Follow the below-mentioned steps to restore your Enpass purchase:
  2. Open Enpass → Click on ‘Settings’ → Click on ‘Account/Trial' user, not registered (1st option of the settings).
  3. Click on the email account, use the Enpass purchase linked email ID, and follow the instructions further.

For more details, visit our FAQ. If the issue persists, please share your purchase receipt at support@enpass.io.

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