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  1. Hello @Gwen Prill! Thank you for the reply. This is not a common problem and there is no issues with the VPN either. However, I would suggest you to check if a VPN setting is blocking localhost address (
  2. Hello @loveworksdotcom! Welcome to the Enpass Forum. I am glad that your DropBox issue has been resolved. I appreciate your commitment to resolve this issue. The installation process is so smooth. However, as I can see your efforts and faced many difficulties to install the Enpass. I will definitely share this to the concerned team to look into it. Their version numbers are different just because of their distribution channel. Sometimes, there is an updated that only applicable to one version. Otherwise, there is no difference between two versions.
  3. Hello @fibis! Welcome the the Enpass Forum. I am sure you must have tried to disconnect the WebDAV sync from all the devices and synced them again. If no, please try it. Also, let me know if you can access your WebDAV server normally. I need some information to isolate the point of failure. Please help me with the WebDAV server info, Enpass version, OS version installed in your system. Also, it would be so helpful if you can share a demo account credentials at support@enpass.io along with this forum link.
  4. @Andrea Spacca Thanks for update. Enpass extension for Safari is always bundled with app (something that Apple recommends) and need not be installed separately as in other browsers. However, it is not enabled automatically after the install and you have to enable it from Safari preferences. Let me know if your have further queries.
  5. Hello @Andrea Spacca! Welcome to the Enpass Forum. Please take a backup of your Enpass data and uninstall the Enpass app. (Enpass extension will be automatically uninstalled along with it.) Now check if safari still freezes, if yes, it means Enpass is working fine, and reinstall the Enpass.
  6. Hello @Gwen Prill! Enpass extension communicates with Enpass over localhost address ( Could you please check if Windscribe is configured to block localhost ports (for all or Enpass)? If the problem persists, please follow these simple steps and share the logs of Enpass app and Extension: Open Enpass app -> Go to settings -> Advanced -> Logs (enable it). Open Brave browser -> Go to settings -> Click on extensions -> Enpass (Click on details) -> Extension options -> Enable logs. Now click on Enpass extension icon -> When it displays an error message. Copy the logs for app and extension individually in any text editor and share with us.
  7. Hello @Costa! I would suggest you to take a backup of your data and perform the following steps to resolve this issue: Disconnect the sync from all the devices. Open Dropbox on any browser -> Go to App -> Enpass folder -> Vault.enpassdbsync -> Rename it as Old vault.enpassdbsync. Now open the Enpass and sync on all the devices. If the still issue persists, please help me with the details of the macOS Big Sur version, iOS version along with their Enpass versions.
  8. Hello @Gerd! Can you please answer a few questions: 1. Did you reinstalled Enpass after restoring your Machine? 2. Have you synced your Enpass data to any cloud previously? 3. Can you see data at these locations in backup disk? If you have previously installed Enpass from store: Home -> Library -> Containers -> in.sinew.Enpass-Desktop -> Data -> Documents -> Vaults If you have previously installed Enpass from website i.e. installer: Home -> Documents -> Enpass. Thanks.
  9. Hello @MBisig! Thank you for writing in. We do not store data on our servers and hence are not in control of your device or data any way. Your first line of defence in this situation will be your iPhone PIN. Even if an attacker is able to guess your PIN and get hold of your Enpass data, he won't be able to open/decrypt it as long as he doesn't know/guess your master password. If it is protected by a good master password, your Enpass data is safe. Let me know if you have other questions.
  10. Hello @JJJ! Welcome to the Enpass Forum. Thank you for reporting this issue. I have shared this with the concerned team to fix this.
  11. Hi @toad! Thank you for the details. I have shared this issue with the concerned team for further investigation. I will notify you as soon as I'll get any updates.
  12. Hello @tonyliangli! Welcome to the Enpass Forum. Thank you for reporting this issue. I have shared this issue to the concerned team. Thanks.
  13. Hello @Gwen Prill! Welcome to the Enpass Forum. Thank you for sharing all the details. I have shared this issue to the concerned team. I will notify you as soon as I'll get any updates.
  14. Hello @toad! Thank you for your response. It seems extension can't store pairing secret in Firefox extension sandbox. Can you try a reinstall of Enpass Firefox extension. You can download it from here. If it does not help, let me know the details of the Enpass version, Firefox browser version, Enpass Firefox extension version.
  15. Hello @golfball! Thank you for writing in. The new update was launched only for the Enpass windows store version only. As I can see you have two copies of Enpass installed in your system. One is Windows store version and another one is of the non-store version i.e. downloaded from our website. I would suggest keep the one that suits you best.
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