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  1. Hello @Egregius, We are glad that your concern has now been resolved. About the webform, it auto-captures the details and places them according to their field type. So currently, there are no options available to add a new field in the webform. For that, you have to add it manually from the Enpass app.
  2. Hello @SvenS& @randomguy, We are aware of the concern of setting new a shortcut & getting accustomed to it, but for a deep robust browser and Enpass Extension integration in the long term, Enpass extension lets the browsers control the keyboard shortcuts natively. Also, this way Enpass Extension doesn't interfere with a browser’s default shortcuts. For example, users can use "ctrl+key" or "alt+key" to activate the extension or to autofill (as shown in the picture below).
  3. Hello @Tobl, Welcome to the Enpass Forum. Thank you for reporting the presence of this issue. To assist you better, please help me with the following details: Share the details of the Enpass version (using store or website version) and OS information. Are you using a multi-screen setup? Just to clear it, when you open the extension on Chrome, does it look the same (red screen) as shown in the given picture? Does the autofill issue occur on a specific website? It would be so helpful if you could share a short video?
  4. Hello @SvenS, Recently, we have released a new version of the Enpass app and its Extension which has an inline menu feature for a smoother autofill functionality. Enpass extension now lets the browser control the keyboard shortcuts natively that means users can set their preferred hotkey as per their convenience. For more details, please visit our user manual.
  5. Hello @Egregius, Sure, recently we have released our latest 6.7.4 beta version. Please click here to download for Windows. Do let me know if that works.
  6. Hello @Egregius, Sorry for the delay in response. I would like to share that your concern has been reproduced and our team is working on fixing it. Your patience is highly appreciated here. #SI-2375
  7. Hello @dejanh, I would like to share that our team has tested this issue on multiple machines along with various Enpass versions and find it working as expected here. Could you please share the details of Enpass version (Store or Website) and OS information? #SI-2405
  8. Hello @ToxicMushroom, Sorry for the delay in response. Could you please confirm if you are using multiple users on your system? #SI-2367
  9. Hi @JeffB, We completely understand your concern, as of now Enpass Android app is only available on the PlayStore platform. Also, we would like to inform you that an APK is never recommended by us as it is not safe & can have many bugs, causing serious spam concerns. However, I have shared your request with the concerned team for further consideration. Your patience is highly appreciated here. #SI-2441
  10. Hi All, Our team has tested it on multiple machines with multiple Enpass versions (store and website) and find it working as expected. Also, we have verified that there is nothing wrong with the Enpass, it is from the iCloud server, hope it will resolve soon.
  11. Hello @davidmarusek, Welcome to the Enpass Forum. It seems like there are some issues with the existing database file. We should restore a working version from backup to restore your data. Perform the following steps on your MAC: Quit Enpass(if Open) using Command+Q. Depending on the OS, go to following Path in your System: /Users/$Username$/Library/Containers/Enpass/Data/Documents/ OR /Users/$Username$/Library/Containers/in.sinew.Enpass-Desktop/Data/Documents/ [Note: You might see multiple folders named Enpass here, please check in all such folders where you may find the Folder named Vaults. Also, Enable View hidden contents in Finder.] Here you will see a folder named Vault. Rename this folder. Let say to “XYZ”. Now launch Enpass Application. It will launch from Welcome Screen. Select Previous Backups Option Now Restore the latest Backup by providing your Master password. You should be able to restore Enpass from the last backup state now. Let me know if that works.
  12. Hello @eswstl, Welcome to the Enpass Forum. I certainly appreciate your efforts in taking out your time to provide valuable suggestions exclusively with detailed explanation. I have shared it all with the concerned team for further consideration. Your patience is highly appreciated here. #SI-2436
  13. Hello @Sundelor, Thank you for explaining the whole scenario. It would be so helpful if you can share your 2FA generator details. However, I have shared it all with the concerned team for further consideration. Your patience is highly appreciated here. #SI-2431
  14. Hello @Sundelor, I would like to share that Enpass supports 2FA for supported websites/apps. For more information, I would suggest you to visit here. For the master password, we have a keyfile feature that adds another layer of security. For more details on it visit here.
  15. Hello @Andreas M., Thank you for sharing the details. Yes, enabling logs will definitely help us to identify the problem here. Also, could you please share a demo account of your WebDAV server along with its URL? So that we investigate it better.
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