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  1. I emailed Wednesday and with the downloading of the Mac AppStore version this repeated registration request appears to be resolved thx qb
  2. Enabling fetching Web icons from your repository filled in maybe 10%. The vast majority of my 900+ entries have a web address for the company. For example one of the utilities I use daily - A Better Finder Renamer - has this url http://www.publicspace.net/ABetterFinderRename/. No new icon. Same for Acorn - http://flyingmeat.com/acorn/ In the long run adding the ability to drag and drop the actual application onto the generic icon shown during Edit mode would be a be improvement, IMO. qb
  3. Excellent - I got the Mac AppStore version and can now use Touch ID "full time". Thank you for pointing out that this had to be using the M AS version. qb
  4. 1Password DOES appear to export custom ICONS. I just exported 3 entries with rich/custom ICONS to a 1pif file. I then created a Temporary Vault, imported and the 3 custom ICONS are preserved / present. Or is 1P sharing icons between vaults? I'm using 1P v7.9.6 What is the most recent version of 1P you have looked into the exported data? thx qb
  5. Ummmm - It appears to me 1Password DOES export license files. Here is an example screen snap. 1Password is at the top - shows 3x license attachments. The import to Enpass shows 3x license attachments. I'll go read your FAQ but my experience is otherwise. For the 1st attached license - both 1P and Enpass show 993 bytes. Must say I like how 1Password lets me SHOW in Finder. Your app forces me to Save it out to a file then make use of it.
  6. I have Enpass installed on a MacBook Pro and on my MacPro. Both running 13.0.1 I open it on the MBPro and activate it and Quit. Reopen and it remains activated. I then launch it on the MacPro. It says THAT copy needs activation but- I quit without activating it. When I then open Enpass on the MacBook Pro - it requires activation again. As mentioned I am trying to use my in-home Synology NAS. The entire Enpass folder in my ~/Documents is already shared via Synology Drive Client. I see ONE Enpass file being updated each time I open Enpass regardless of it I activate or make any changes. This is "vault.enpassdb" and I suspect you may be storing a unique computer ID there that gets changed each launch. BTW - your activation process. I use my registered email address and then get emailed a 6-digit code. WHY not simply ACTIVATE Enpass when I enter my email address and submit it to your license servers??? Why go through the 6-digit code step?? I have several apps that can activate my Applications simply by submitting the registered email address...
  7. I purchased my license via the MacHeist offering and Enpass was downloaded from the link they provided. It was not via the Mac AppStore. :-( thx qb
  8. New Enpass owner but 4th post today. Using macOS 13.0.1 Enpass 6.8.4, and MB Pro and iMac. I really like 1Password and have used it for several version. They have driven me away due to moving to storing my passwords on their cloud and going to subscription fees. Yet I'm feeling the Enpass interface is a bit immature in comparison. What is with all the "white space" when I look at a vault entry? Partial image capture attached. I'm talking about the stuff on the left - if I shrink the window in hopes the white space will vanish it does but it does not go away before all my pertinent files begin to wrap text. I feel the data fields should be LEFT JUSTIFIED - agains the VAULT ENTRIES. Then there is the 1P method of being able to simply CLICK a URL to open it in a browser. With Enpass I have to COPY it to the clipboard then open a browser window, paste and go. I cannot even COPY the url w/o having to mouse over to the little double page icon and clicking that. A bit primitive, IMO. There are other rough edges the sum total of which just may result in my looking for other password manager options. Ugh qb
  9. I actually emailed an inquiry to support - before I decided to purchase Enpass for macOS. Version 6.8.4. (from their web site). But with the MacHeist price I decided to purchase and test. I'll repeat my inquiry here as I am having immediate issues. My email of Thursday: (yes I know I could wait a reasonable time for their reply) I see mentions of DropBox, etc for syncing. I have my own in-home cloud - Synology NAS. I currently sync 1Password vaults via Synology Drive. Am I able to use Enpass’ synch on my own internal Cloud service? ---- This morning I proceeded to install Enpass on my MacBook Pro and on my old iMac. Both running macOS 13.0.1 First on the MBP I launched Enpass and activated my premium license. Got the 6-digit code just fine. I also imported 900+ 1Password 7 entries into the vault. The Enpass folder is on my Synology Drive Share and synchs beautifully between my Macs. I quit Enpass on the MBP. When I opened Enpass on my iMac it found the fault and asked me to enter my email for the Premium. I got the 6-digit code and activated that copy. However now when I return to the MBP I have to Activate again. Then if I return to the iMac same thing - Activate again. Seems launching one disables the other. I hope my lifetime license is not for ONE computer - I don't believe it will be as a Mac App Store version would be for 5 computers. More likely Enpass has a computer ID embedded in a file that gets overwritten when I move between Macs. Enpass - please instruct me on how I can use my own in-home Synology NAS as my cloud sync service. thx qb
  10. MacBook Pro M1 macOS 13.0.1 and Enpass 6.8.4 My Touch ID works. Worked great with 1Password 7, works filling things in Safari, works for wake from sleep, etc. I have the "Quick Unlock" "Touch ID" checked. Yet every time I launch Enpass I get NO option to use my fingerprint. And please explain "Master password is required every time you restart Enpass". Is this saying I cannot use the Touch ID when I launch Enpass??? 1P7 allowed me to use my fingerprint - only occasionally requiring the vault master password to re-verify. thx qb
  11. I'm on a MacBook Pro now with macOS 13.0.1. Using 1Password 7.9.6 and just licensed Enpass 6.8.4 My export from 1Password to non-encrypted 1pif file went well. Import went well. However I had spent lots of time adding custom icons to my 900+ entires. Now I see (ugly) generic icons. How can I get my custom icons to import??? I also looked at adding a custom icon in Enpass and it is not as simple as 1P for macOS APPLICATIONS. In 1P I can drag the icon of a macOS Application onto the icon placeholder, drop and the icon would update. Seems I have to go thru a complicated method with Enpass. The default icon as ugly and are not Application specific icons. Help me get my custom icons. I'm including 2 small sample screen shots of icons shown in 1P and Enpass. thx qb
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