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  1. On a chromebook. I literally have to remote into Windows VMs to use the operating system. Chromebooks live with Enpass as an android app. I really need to be able to start working with the webforms myself. I have a couple of complicated logins that Enpass is totally incompetent at filling in. Please get webform editing on the Android roadmap as soon as possible.
  2. @Vikram Dabas Bug Report: latest version brought back the bizarre CPU usage. Past betas have been fine. Please let us know when the CPU Usage regression is fixed again! @djohannes I'm pretty sure that I've seen a few times that the Android Runtime Container does not have access to the fingerprint sensor. Enpass certainly doesn't, and IIRC one of the other major password managers had this chat on Reddit. There's current neither access nor plans to give it. Probably a bug to star somewhere but I've never found it. --EDIT-- Just received the update ( and so far I don't seem
  3. Hi @Vikram Dabas. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my rant. You clearly sensed my frustration as I was wiping all things Enpass off my Slate and reinstalling the stable version. Thanks for getting the CPU Drain fix pushed out (to you and/or the team). I'm back in the beta boat. It's tough - we're the ungrateful consumers constantly begging for updates and features while whining about costs. But then again especially beta testers are donating our devices (some of which are pretty high value) to you to make your product more marketable. It's a tough tension. I look forward to seeing h
  4. So, I was right in on this beta until I started noticing my Pixel Slate getting hotter than Hades. Turns out the bug that was highlighted almost a month ago wherein Enpass consumes your entire device was still not fixed. There's the brutally obvious typo in the "Enpass service" that runs in the notifications menu (or, is it officially the "Enpass Serice"?), an entry which I assume is not going to be mandatory in the final release but has persisted throughout the beta. I've continued to have the "popup" issue that I reported back on April 9. I at least haven't seen any updates to the app or the
  5. Hallelujah! Just signed into the Enpass forums using it. I've been going absolutely nuts trying to do this in the past on a Pixel Slate which, when no keyboard or mouse is attached, acts as a tablet and not a clamshell so the enpass interface took over the entire tablet and not just as a window. So far, so good. One thing that I noticed: when Enpass locks due to inactivity after using it, the window pops back up (Clamshell mode for ChromeOS; haven't yet seen it do this on Tablet mode). Minor annoyance, but it literally interrupted me as I was typing this. Any way to stop it from popping u
  6. Given that we've never had a response to this from an Enpass team member, should we assume that ChromeOS support has been sunsetted?
  7. There's lots of outdated links and old posts with respect to ChromeOS support, so I'm hoping that we can have an updated spot for all Enpass 6.X feature requests for ChromeOS. My wishlist is: The return of autofilling support via the new Enpass Assistant in ChromeOS Alternatively, a cleanup of the Enpass Keyboard support via the Android implementation in ChromeOS so that it actually works properly (for example, not making it take up the whole screen when you "tap to fill" and improving its access to what is on the screen) Perhaps a new software keyboard for ChromeOS (no
  8. I came over from Keepass due to the keyfile support. However, the keyfile is absolutely a pain in the rear to use because it is 'forgotten' by Enpass and by the browser extension just like the master password. Can there please be a toggled setting to "remember keyfile location", particularly in the autofill but also in Enpass, so that we only need to type in our password? The only reason why I use the keyfile is due to cloud storage, so on a local, regularly-used computer, I shouldn't need to go hunt it out each time.
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