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  1. Hello @Abhishek Dewan, Thanks for your answer. As an password manager user, security and privacy are evidently important to me. One of the important reasons I choose Enpass over competition was that I can control how/where my password vault data is stored, with zero knowledge from your part. It seems only logical then to find an accompanying cloud service that matches these criteria, and Sync.com is one of them: It uses client side encryption for zero knowledge encryption, is not subject to patriot act, etc... I've been using their services with perfect reliability for several years now, and I feel they are one of the best cloud providers that would pair with Enpass. So to have Sync.com supported for Enpass Cloud sync would be great.
  2. Hello, When using the NIP feature to unlock Enpass, could it be possible to optionally set the max number of unlocking attempts to 1? Now, it is set to 3, and I could find a way to reduce this. Thanks
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