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Save Passwords TO enpass in iOS

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Hello dear forum,

autofill from Enpass to iOS works perfectly - but when I create new logins on my iOS devices, those Logins are not automatically safed to enpass (if enabled they are safed to iOS passwords, but that doesn't help me). This is freaking annoying because then I always have to manually create the Logins in the enpass app to use them on other devieces.

Is there a solution to this?

Thanks in advance


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I think this is an iOS thing and not an Enpass thing. No password manager I have ever used on iOS has ever offered to save a new login from within other applications or Safari. iOS simple does not pass the needed details onto a password manager like it does on the desktop. 

The only way around it that I recall from 1Password was to use the browser (web) view from within 1Password to save a login, but as I recall, even this was hit-or-miss and it was awkward to use in practice. 

Perhaps a future major release of iOS will allow for third party password managers to receive login details like on the desktop, but who knows. 

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