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  1. This may be late, but I wanted to note this here for anyone else who has this issue. The user above is saying they no longer have access to the registered email address. This link gives an explanation of how to solve that: https://www.enpass.io/support/kb/registration/how-can-i-change-the-registered-email/ If you don't have access to a registered copy of Enpass at all on another device of some kind, I suggest you contact support directly for assistance.
  2. 1Password charges a lot for their service and they’re a big company, so they can afford to offer things like this. Enpass is less expensive and doesn’t charge a subscription fee, so you can’t really expect them to offer a bunch of third-party services for no charge. Honestly, it is easy to implement on your own with a gmail account or any hosted email service that lets you set up your own email aliases. I’ve been doing this for many years now. As noted, if you have iOS or a Mac and iCloud+ that is another easy option.
  3. I found turning off the item count in the sidebar helped a bit, but searching is definitely slower in Enpass. I suspect that 1Password indexes entries to make searching faster. I believe Enpass may use an SQLite flat database without an index. Storing your vault on a fast local SSD would probably help the most, but it’s not going to match the speed of 1Password right now.
  4. You can grab 6.7.3 from the Mac App Store. Just be sure to delete 6.7.2 before you download the store version.
  5. You set up the new vault locally and once you do, you will be able to select the vault from the preferences and click the Set Up Sync button. Then you choose NextCloud and your vault will be synched there automatically.
  6. You should upgrade to Enpass 6.7.3. There are some changes that include 1PF file importing. Try the import again with the latest version and see if the problem still exists.
  7. Now that iOS 15 is out, you might want to look into creating an extension for Safari on iOS. It looks like you'll get much better integration and a better password experience that way.
  8. Try the link from Enpass' website: https://www.enpass.io/downloads/#extensions
  9. What version of Enpass are you using? I do not have to double click the entry two times in order to get it to fill in. For me, on the latest Big Sur and on Catalina in Safari it works the first time I double click. I'm using the 6.7.1 version from the Mac App Store at the moment on these machines.
  10. I believe members of the Enpass team said that double clicking on the item to fill is the expected action now.
  11. Ho @Vinod Kumar, That pasteboard type makes sense if you have clearing of the clipboard contents turned on, but not if you don't. The pasteboard content won't change if that feature is off. I think for the fields marked sensitive in Enpass, the type org.nspasteboard.ConcealedType makes better sense. That would stop most clipboard managers from recording that copied data. For data that is not marked sensitive and if the clear clipboard feature is disabled, then the pasteboard type should be a standard type and not TransientType so that the data gets recorded properly. For Flycast you can adjust the pasteboard types not to record, so it is possible to adjust as you see fit, but most clipboard managers don't offer this as an option. Perhaps a future version of Enpass can include an advanced preference that allows you to adjust the pasteboard types used for different types of data in your vault?
  12. I have Big Sur installed and the latest Mac App Store version of Enpass (though I also tried this on the slightly older 6.7.0 beta, too). I use a different clipboard manager, Flycut (link to the Mac App Store version, 1.9.6. I had no problems copying anything from Enpass into an unmodified clipboard (with no clipboard manager active at all) and I also had no problems copying anything into Flycut. I tried copying from an item I was editing in Enpass and from a standard login item and note (in display mode). Flycut has Accessibility permissions, but only that. I tried this with and without the "clear clipboard content" feature enabled. With it enabled, I didn't have any issues, but the content would disappear from the Mac clipboard (but not Flycut) after the specified amount of time. I also have another machine with Catalina and Enpass and Flycut and I didn't run into problems. You mentioned several other programs with clipboard managers, so I tried the ones I could without having to pay for them. I was able to try Paste.app and Keyboard Maestro 9.2. My tests show that Paste.app doesn't import the clipboard contents from Enpass or 1Password, even after I removed the rule restrictions (but the copy DID appear in the Mac's native clipboard until the clear content time was reached). I was able to get Keyboard Maestro to work (though for some reason I noticed it took like 15-20 seconds for anything I copied to appear in the clipboard. I had to dig through the packaged binary to find the KM helper app and add it to the Accessibility section of the Security preference pane. For some reason, only the main app itself automatically appeared there by default and I wasn't able to copy anything until I added the helper app. I couldn't try Alfred because the clipboard features seem to require the Power Pack and I wasn't going to pay for something I don't intend to use. So to sumarize, for me: I was able to copy stuff from the latest version of Enpass (and the beta) successfully both without any clipboard manager enabled. Copying and pasting content worked fine on Big Sur and Catalina with or without the "clear content" feature enabled. With Paste.app I was able to copy and paste stuff using the standard keyboard shortcuts so long as I didn't interact with Paste.app in any way before pasting the content. If I interacted with Paste in any way or if the Mac clipboard was cleared, Paste was unable to paste anything. I was able to get Keyboard Maestro working (with a delay) so long as I added the helper app (located inside the KM app package) to the Accessibility permissions. Flycut works just fine with Enpass. The results above didn't change if I ran them on Catalina instead of Big Sur. @ButisitArt57 Can try you try shutting down all of your clipboard tools and just try a standard copy and paste again? Keyboard Maestro can be particularly tough to shut down completely, because the helper app doesn't stop if the main app is quit. If you need a clipboard manager, perhaps try Flycast and see if that works for you? I'm not sure if Enpass is marking the clipboard content in a way some clipboard managers don't like, but it sounds like you might want to get the clipboard manager developers involved. Perhaps they can help narrow down the problem you're having.
  13. Yes. That should work fine. The syncing appears to compare the age of items and won’t copy older stuff over newer. Just to be safe, you should run a backup of the newest vault. This way if something goes wrong for some reason, you can revert.
  14. Hi Noel, Enpass does not offer/require an "Enpass account". Do you perhaps mean the email address you are asked for when you are trying to activate Enpass' premium features? If so, you do need network access to enable premium features, but you don't need it all the time, just long enough for the system to send you a one-time use login code to your email account. If that isn't something you want to do, then you could easily use Enpass' free version and just deal with the limitations.
  15. You start the wifi sync server on one of your devices and that will allow you to sync any of your other devices on the same network. It will work on any WiFi network that allows access on the specified local IP address and port. What does this mean? You can use WiFi sync on any of your WiFi networks so long as any of the devices to be synched are connected to the same local network. You would not be able to connect to the WiFi sync server from a remote device. If you are looking to remotely sync devices on a different WiFi network, you'll probably need to set up a VPN on the network where the sync server is running and then connect your remote devices to be synched to the VPN you set up. If done properly, you should be able to connect to the local WiFi sync server from your remote devices. Once you are done synching, you can disconnect from the VPN. I have not personally tested this with Enpass, but I use a VPN to my home network to connect to a variety of services remotely and it works fine, so I don't think this would be an issue.
  16. I just tried downloading the App Store version and it works ok for me. Perhaps try deleting it and redownloading? If that doesn’t work, you should be able to go to the beta page and download 6.7 for the MacOS. https://www.enpass.io/beta/
  17. Good luck! It's a pain, but if it gets your content into something else you want to use, it is probably worth it. Thankfully 1Password lets you export only "selected items" so it should be possible to eventually figure out what the problem entry is.
  18. That's wild. Perhaps it does have something to do with the language, but I also wonder if there is something different about your 1PF file somehow. What version of 1Password are you using to export? Also, you might want to try just exporting a few items (instead of everything) and see if that works. If it does, perhaps there is something in the export that Enpass doesn't like, like a weirdly encoded item? There's also another possibility. Try importing the 1PF file into something else that Enpass supports like KeePass XC or something like that. Then try exporting from the other program and see if Enpass likes that.
  19. I've done this on 3 different machines, so I can confirm it works if you follow the exact directions I posted (assuming you are using a recent version of 1Password and Enpass). Did you check your export from 1Password to make sure it actually contains anything? If you're sure there is data that was successfully exported, make sure you're pulling out everything inside the .1pf file, this will typically include a data file and 2 folders (though this will vary depending on what you actually exported). The folder you point Enpass at needs to have a data.1pif file and perhaps also folders for certain types of other things you exported. See the attached screenshot as an example. This is all inside a folder I happened to call "Export" and I pointed Enpass at the "Export" folder and told it to import 1pf from 1Password.
  20. Hi, If your reported version number is correct, it looks like you are running a slightly newer version of 6.7 than you can access on the beta page (865). I run 865 on a very similar setup to yours and I have no problems starting, pausing or stopping the WiFi Sync Server. Perhaps the version of the beta that you have has a bug in it? You might want to consider downloading the publicly available beta version and try that and see if the issue is resolved?
  21. This is an issue with the qt framework, I believe. I have a few apps that use it that have this same issue. Supposedly this is fixed, but many developers continue to use older versions of the framework for a variety of reasons. https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-88600
  22. @Gulshan Dogra, 1Password does not export items in 1PF format loose in a folder like you show it (not any more). The Mac will have a single file. Enpass does not recognize this .1pf file by default (although it absolutely should). You can follow my directions above to manually pull out the data Enpass can import, but ideally Enpass should recognize a .1pf file and import it.
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