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  1. It seems like if my Enpass on Android is idle for a few hours it asks for my master password instead of my PIN. I haven't failed the PIN three times, although it's possible that the app has restarted in the background. My master password is very long and laborious and the whole reason I have the PIN enabled is so I never have to enter it in. Is there any way to disable having to enter it at all?
  2. In this time of everyone wearing masks it would be nice to have the use of both Face ID on iOS (or windows hello) AND the PIN code. When I’m at home I use Face ID but at work and outside I have a mask on and would rather not enter in my very long master password.
  3. Just wondering when support for iOS12 autofill is coming. Looks like many other password managers are already enabled. https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/1password-lastpass-dashlane-and-more-updated-with-support-for-ios-12s-autofill-password-feature.2138846/
  4. I'd also be interested in this. Been sticking with Enpass even with better solutions out there, but I have faith in you guys.
  5. No that didn't work. What worked was deleting the google folder and letting enpass create a new folder.
  6. Hey guys, great product! Is there anyway you can organize the downloads, it's very confusing. For example, I have windows desktop beta 5.5.1. When I started it today it says there is a new version 5.5.2, but I'm not sure if that's the beta or release version. When I go to the downloads page the beta version there is 5.3.1. In various forum posts there are different versions, but I can't find the latest one no matter how hard I look. I suggest some kind of central repository and maintain it so the latest version is always available, and post up release notes with them. Seriously guys, make it easy for consumers.
  7. Just to add I tried to sync on my iPhone, but now it won't sync saying "There went something wrong while synchronizing, "(Error Code - 114)"
  8. Beta desktop version 5.5.0, I updated from a previous version and my Google Drive stopped syncing. When I go to connect it asks for my password, I'm not sure if it wants my Enpass password or my Google password. I have tried both of these passwords and neither works. The error is "Reason: password mismatch" Now if I completely disconnect Google Drive from Enpass, then try to set it up like a new sync it is supposed to direct me to googles webpage, my browser says it can't reach this page. I've verified my passwords both in Enpass (on other computers) and in Google are both correct.
  9. My desktop Enpass isn't syncing. I am signed in to my Google Drive account and have verified this in the Enpass settings. Under status it says "There went something wrong while synchronizing" and it says Error code: -108 I do have the newer authentication with my google account where it makes me enter a number on my phone if that makes a difference. I've checked and it's not syncing with my other devices.
  10. Ive signed up for the beta program, but windows store does not update me to the beta version.
  11. Thank you in advance!!! PIN entry would be more than acceptable. PLEASE consider an option to use the PIN even after restarting Enpass, it's an issue to enter in my password on a touch tablet. yes I know there is a security issue, I guess it will be up to the user to determine if they need that feature.
  12. I've noticed that if I haven't logged in a while, when I go to login with my fingerprint it says success, but then prompts me to enter the master password. It doesn't happen all the time, but seems to happen after my inactivity time runs out, although I'm not sure as I haven't specifically timed it. I'm really hoping that this doesn't mean I have to enter in the master password every single time I login after inactivity runs out. Can you imagine what a huge pain it is to enter in a long password on the tiny smartphone keyboard? Also I notice that if the fingerprint recognition fails once then you have to enter in the master password. Please consider making this requirement after maybe 3 incorrect fingerprint attempts. Phone fingerprint sensors can be inaccurate and often the first one fails, once again it's a huge pain to have to enter in the master password. Thanks. This is on a Galaxy Note 5.
  13. Firstly thank you guys for an awesome program! I'd like to know if it's possible to have the desktop version require a PIN if it has been backgrounded. I understand for security it will require the master password on reboots or restarts. But it's a major pain to input in my huge master password every single time, especially on a touch tablet with the touch keyboard!!! Please consider adding PIN support for the desktop. I have tried the UWP app but I'm very confused. It seems the desktop program has most of the great functionality, so I'm confused why I should purchase the UWP app? I know it has windows hello support, and I like that on my surface pro 4, but I'm ok with just using a PIN. But it seems the UWP version is missing quite a bit such as extension support, I'm not sure if it has autofill though. Back to the desktop version, it's very nice. The UI settings are awesome, I have a 40" 4k monitor and setting it at 300 works perfectly. Extensions in Edge are working great so far and autofill seems to be working well. Once again I'd love to have edge extension support for the UWP app and assume it's on your roadmap Also please consider a dark theme for the desktop version. Lastly it isn't a money issue as I have no issue paying you for your hard work, I just feel that if you could somehow merge the UWP and desktop programs together it would be worth the money. I understand you can't literally merge them, but I assume you know what I mean.
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