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  1. There is no ETA, this has been an issue for months now with no fix in sight. There is some sort of fundamental issue with Enpass and it seems either they can't fix it, or don't want to. Instead of being honest with us they just keep stringing us along as if they are actually trying to solve it. I took someone else's advice and tried out Bitwarden, and it seems to work quite well without Enpass' issues with logins. It also improves on a ton of stuff Enpass doesn't have. It was only a matter of exporting my Enpass data via a json file, and then importing it into Bitwarden, everything transfers over perfectly.
  2. Almost a week and no response from Enpass, this issue has been going on for months now. I took your advice and tried Bitwarden, was able to Json export all my Enpass stuff. Autofill works perfectly with Bitwarden, and I didn't even have to enable the accessibility autofill which is a huge privacy concern. Come on Enpass, DO BETTER!
  3. I'm still having issues with some apps, Enpass can fill out the username but not the password. I'm on Enpass Pro Enpass is enabled as the autofill service in Android settings. This is on a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. There are more apps which don't work with Enpass, but I don't have the time to look them all up right now. I'm hoping this can get fixed as it's become quite tedious to manage passwords with Enpass. On these Enpass fills out the username, but not the password: 1) Bank of America Mobile Banking (Android app) version 23.02.0 2) ActiveFit (Android app) version 2.5.1 3) CreditWise from Capital One (Android app) version 1.90.0 On these Enpass doesn't fill the username or password: 1) Capital One Mobile (Android app) version 5.107.14 2) Barclays US Credit Cards (Android app) version 8.1.2 3) PNC Mobile (Android app) version 4.34 4) Vanguard (Android app) version 10.48.0
  4. Can you relate where in the Windows app I can find this setting? Entering in the master password is a huge pain, especially since Enpass likes to crash on Windows frequently, sometimes multiple times in a row! I have mine set to use PIN, but it still asks for the master password after a crash. From what Enpass is saying that's expected behavior, but if you are saying it can be bypassed I would highly prefer that.
  5. Thanks, uninstalling and reinstalling seems to have fixed it, it seems something was kicking Enpass from background. Of note, there is an issue if you re install with a different version. I originally had the windows store version, after uninstalling I installed the one from Enpass' website but it looked for a backup in a different location than the backup from the windows store one. I was also unable to sign in to activate my account, hitting that button and nothing would happen. I wasn't able to sync to OneDrive, it just sat there forever trying to sync. So I uninstalled the Enpass' website one and reinstalled the Windows store one and that fixed everything.
  6. I'm running Enpass Pro for Windows and am running into an issue where I keep having to enter in my master password, I believe it started happening recently so maybe it's an issue with one of the Windows updates. I'm on Win 10 Pro 22H2. Normally I'd only open Enpass once, and after closing it, reopening it would only require my PIN unless I rebooted the PC. But lately it seems like Enpass is requiring the master password even without a reboot, almost every time I open the program. I've ensured I haven't changed any settings and PIN access is still enabled. I have minimize to system tray and open automatically at system startup enabled. My master password is quite long and complex and it's a pain to enter it every time. This is on my home PC and I'm willing to take the risk of using a PIN.
  7. I've been a happy user of Enpass for years now, but this lastpass debacle has me concerned. My main concern is how Enpass handles the type of user information which lastpass apparently did not encrypt, info like website URLs and other metadata, although I'm not clear if that metadata was part of their vault or just information lastpass had in dealing with customers. I'd like to learn more about how Enpass hands off the password vault to a cloud provider and any inherent risks with that. This would seem like a very valuable discussion with your customers to feel at ease using Enpass going forward. Edit: So from what I've been reading, it looks like part of the UNENCRYPTED data compromised was the URL site of each password entry (and possibly other site entry information)! So i definitely have this question for Enpass, how is this information handled, is it also encrypted along with passwords and not stored anywhere else but inside the password vault?
  8. I'm not sure if the issue is my recent upgrade to Android 13, or if it's an issue with Enpass itself. I'm noting that apps which previously allowed Enpass to autofill in username and password now only are allowing fill in of the username. When I click on the password field I don't get the pop up asking if I want to use Enpass. Is there any official issue with Android 13?
  9. It seems like if my Enpass on Android is idle for a few hours it asks for my master password instead of my PIN. I haven't failed the PIN three times, although it's possible that the app has restarted in the background. My master password is very long and laborious and the whole reason I have the PIN enabled is so I never have to enter it in. Is there any way to disable having to enter it at all?
  10. In this time of everyone wearing masks it would be nice to have the use of both Face ID on iOS (or windows hello) AND the PIN code. When I’m at home I use Face ID but at work and outside I have a mask on and would rather not enter in my very long master password.
  11. Just wondering when support for iOS12 autofill is coming. Looks like many other password managers are already enabled. https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/1password-lastpass-dashlane-and-more-updated-with-support-for-ios-12s-autofill-password-feature.2138846/
  12. I'd also be interested in this. Been sticking with Enpass even with better solutions out there, but I have faith in you guys.
  13. No that didn't work. What worked was deleting the google folder and letting enpass create a new folder.
  14. Hey guys, great product! Is there anyway you can organize the downloads, it's very confusing. For example, I have windows desktop beta 5.5.1. When I started it today it says there is a new version 5.5.2, but I'm not sure if that's the beta or release version. When I go to the downloads page the beta version there is 5.3.1. In various forum posts there are different versions, but I can't find the latest one no matter how hard I look. I suggest some kind of central repository and maintain it so the latest version is always available, and post up release notes with them. Seriously guys, make it easy for consumers.
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