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  1. @Abhishek DewanThanks. I hope that it will not need so much time. I use Enpass on all my devices and I want to avoid chaos. Is there progress on fixing this issue?
  2. I would like to have a fix for that issue quite fast as well. Hope it will be there soon.
  3. Since two days Enpass is not syncing the vault with iCloud anymore. I always get the message that I should check the internet connection. Internnet connection is fine and on my iPad and my Mac everything is working fine. I already deleted Enpass on my iPhone and reinstalled it but no change at all. What can I do? Is there any possible solution? Enpass is the latest version available in the App Store.
  4. First of all: thanks to the Enpass team. On my Mac M1 everything is working fine. I still have >20% of all applications which are not apple silicon native. Does it matter? No. Does it mean that I cannot trust these companies? No. Why should it. I am happy when the native version arrives but for me it is more important that the application is working without problems.
  5. Thanks. Ok, hope Apple will enable it.
  6. Thanks, but that is not my problem. It works quite well in Safari on my Mac. Am a happy Enpass user. But if I open another application/program and I need to fill in a user/PW then I have to copy the data from Enpass. There is no integration from Enpass in other Apps then a browser. On my iPhone I can open any app and Enpass is available and can fill in the needed data.
  7. Hi When I use Enpass on my iPhone and I open an App Enpass is available there as well. That's very easy to use. On my Mac it is different. If I open e..g. the iCloud settings then the system asks for the iCloud Account name and the password. But Enpass is not available there (using right click or whatever). I always have to copy the data from the menu bar icon. Is there a possibility to have Enpass in such situations as well?
  8. Hi I cannot make a video but I have some pictures. After a restart of my Macbook Enpass opens up and I can unlock it with Touch ID. Every time I sent my Macbook to sleep and I open up it again, Enpass is asking for the master password. There is no option to use Touch ID. As you can see on the picture. Guido
  9. Thanks for your response. I am using the latest version from the Apple App Store: 6.5.2 (726). MacOS is the 11.0.1 (20B28).
  10. If have enabled Touch ID on my MacBook Pro (2016) with macOS 11.00.01. If I restart my Macbook I can enable Enpass with Touch ID. That's good but everytime it is locked I have to use the Master-PW. That is not ok. Anybody knows a solution?
  11. If I close the lid of my Macbook, the Macbook becomes very hot after some time and if I open it I see that was not going into sleep mode. If I click on the battery icon it is written that Enpass has a very high energy consumption. This is only the case if the Mac has no connection to the internet. As soon as I am able to connect to the Internet, everything is fine. It seems that Enpass tries to sync with iCloud drive and because there is no Internet connection, it is trying and trying. I am using the latest public beta of macOS 11. Maybe a bug on Enpass side, maybe not. But hopefully you can have a look into this issue.
  12. Hi Since a week or so Enpass is loosing contact to iCloud Drive and I have to reauthenticate it all the time. I believe it is since the suppl. update for 10.15.4. Does anybody have a solution? Guido
  13. Thanks. Works fine for me. Hope for a final solution in short terms.
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