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    Security audit

    That's good to know. Thank you for the clarification. Could I ask whether there are plans to extend the security audit to Mac & iOS versions of Enpass? It would be reassuring have independent audits for all versions of your software. Similarly, in view of continual advances of hacker tools & capabilities, it would be prudent to periodically repeat third party security audits. In my opinion, regular & robust security audits should be a well-defined part of your business strategy.
  2. mushroom_daddy

    Security audit

    A thorough & robust security audit really should be a prerequisite for any company selling password repository software. On the face of it Enpass is great software, but if it has security holes than people will worry and start to look elsewhere. The recent report (highlighting recovery of master passwords) is not exactly reassuring, and also seems rather limited in scope to specific platforms. I will continue to watch this discussion with interest ...
  3. mushroom_daddy

    Enpass 6 TXT export can not be imported by Keepass 2.40

    It would be good to get some clarification on exporting of data from Enpass 6, and the backward compatibility with Enpass v5, and other password managers. I have several Mac computers, and a couple of Android devices that have all been updated to Enpass v6. However, I also use a BlackBerry Q10 (BB10 OS) device for work, which has Enpass v5. Until the release of v6, the Q10 was synchronising perfectly well with my Enpass database on G-drive. That is now broken I appreciate that BlackBerry versions of Enpass are no longer supported but I would like to know what my options are for keeping Enpass passwords synchronised on the Q10, with those on G-drive and my other devices (now running v6). Similar problems on backward compatibility below –
  4. mushroom_daddy

    Opera extension & Enpass v6

    That worked! Thanks for the info and link etc. A fairly significant change in use of extensions (in Opera) following the update to Enpass v6
  5. I'm struggling with Opera* extension since updating to Enpass 6. Is there a known problem? It keeps reporting that an update is required but I can't find any update on the extension repository. *Opera v. 57.0.3098.106 / Mac OS X 10.11.6 64-bit
  6. Thanks to Lorenzos13 for the quick fix <Menu> <Preferences> and disable <Verify the browser> seems to be working for me
  7. Another one here, struggling with Opera 53.0 on Mac OSX and the Enpass Password Manager Extension v5.4.3 – which doesn't appear to be working now. Are you any closer to providing a fix / extension update ?