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  1. I currently use Enpass 6.0.6 (367). There is a new update, which I can not install because I suddenly no longer meet the system requirements !!??! I switched to Enpass recently and now I should not be able to use it anymore? I can not install a newer operating system than 10.11.6 on my Mac!
  2. I suspect you did not understand me. I want the user to enter the password when switching to the other vault. The user should only be able to look into his vault, unless one knows the password of the other vault.
  3. Hello, I want to use enpass on a Mac with two users. The storage location is a shared folder where all users have full access rights. I want to use 3 different vaults, each with its own password protected. Vault-1 (default): access with master password possible Vault-2: Access only possible with Vault-2 Password Vault-3: Access only possible with Vault-3 Password Application example: Several family members use the Mac with their own user profile, start Enpass from the mentioned common folder. The Vault-1 area should contain passwords accessible to all users, Vault1 + 2 only personal passwords. How can I implement this?
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