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  1. I think it's a standard behauvior on IOS. Try to create a contact which begins with numbers...
  2. Thank you @Manish Chokwal. May I know what the current sorting criterion is, since it is not alphabetical? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi @Gulshan Dogra, thank you for your reply. Here my answers: 1) Windows 10 2) Enpass (website version) 6.7.4 (933) + web extension version 6.7.4 3) Chrome Version 96.0.4664.110 and Microsoft Edge Version 96.0.1054.62 4) The number is correctly filled, the other fields are not filled at all. I have tried another password manager and it works correctly
  4. I've just tried to autofill a credit card form on www.decathlon.it and it fills only the credit card number leaving empty all the other fields (CVC, expiry date, name...). Is this a known thing? Thanks a lot
  5. I don't know if there are differences between premium license and lifetime license... What is the version of your desktop app?
  6. I think you're on an old version... Are you on the portable version?? This is the last "standard" version
  7. Hi, try to take a look into the extension options (right clic on the extension icon - settings). You should find "Show Inline Autofill Popup Menu": is it active?
  8. Just a curiosity: I have several logins for the same site and I have named them 1, 2, 3, etc. When Enpass suggests me the logins, it orders them in another way... look at the attached image. Is there any way to get them in the correct order? Thank you
  9. Thanks for the reply. I am using desktop version (website version) 6.7.4 (933) on windows 10 and version 6.7.1 (572) on IOS (Iphone 12 Pro). The cloud service I am using is Icloud. I recorded a short video showing that when enpass is opened from safari the sync icon keeps spinning without completing the operation. If I open the app directly, the synchronization is successful in a few moments. Here is the link to the video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10mVcqBqIuIXBoIuq49sWTWdxFdZJtzYl/view?usp=sharing
  10. There are several topics about it. I think the enpass team is already aware of the problem. What perplexes me is that there is neither an official answer nor a timetable on the timing of a fix release. Seems like a pretty serious bug to me
  11. Same thing happens to me. I'm using enpass browser extension 6.7.4 on chrome and enpass website version 6.7.4 (933) on windows 10. I hope you can fix this Thank you!
  12. I found an example of a standard site where the "focus" problem occurs: lastpass.com. I was trying to change a login from the web app with the enpass extension active and I couldn't activate the notes field. The same thing happens if, while modifying a login, you enter "edit forms fields" (the icon in the shape of a wrench): there, after clicking on "add form field" it is impossible to select the values from the combobox "field type" with the mouse, while you can do that with the keyboard. Can you check if you also encounter the same problem? Thank you! I'm using Enpass (6.7.4 (933)) on windows 10 and the extension (6.7.4) on Chrome
  13. I'm having the same problem too, with chrome on windows. I thought it was my organization ERP problem, but the other password addons don't give any problems (I tried 1password and bitwarden). I already have an ongoing request with support, let's see what happens...
  14. Hi to all! I have a problem with syncing on ios. I changed a login password from the desktop (windows) version and then tried to open the same login page from Safari on my mobile phone (without opening the enpass app first). The result was that the autofill within Safari kept suggesting the old password. Do I have to open enpass first in order to use the new credentials on Safari? Thank you!
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