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  1. Hi Garima, thanks for listening to my rant, and taking the time to reply to it. I really appreciate that. The support was kind enough to provide a discount code to upgrade Pro to Premium, and I immediately bought the lifetime premium deal. I'm looking forward to continue to use Enpass.
  2. Allow me to first express gratitude for building a GREAT product. I really love Enpass! I especially love that you keep privacy serious, and allow me to be in full control of my data: I can use my own webdav server, and the haveIbeenpwnd database is checked locally, not remotely. So none of my passwords Unfortunately, also allow me to express my utter and outmost frustration with your pricing policy. Not because it's expensive (I actually think the previous Pro lifetime plan was too cheap, and made me worry that you could sustain your business long-term), but because it is as confusing a
  3. I found the answer in the old thread below. (Scroll down in that thread for the URL, I can't post it here -- the forum software thinks I'm a spammer if I add that URL here)
  4. I have an old Mac mini next to my main computer, and like to install Enpass on this Mac. This Mac mini only support up to macOS 10.11, and Enpass 6.0.7 and up require macOS 10.12. So I like to install version 6.0.6. Is there a location where I can download Enpass 6.0.6 for macOS? The knowledge base article for older versions only mentions 5.x, not 6.0.6.
  5. Hi @Anshu kumar, any news on this issue?
  6. Sorry for the delayed reaction. I use the App Store version, since that's (unfortunately) the only way to activate the premium features. Screen resolution of one monitor is 2560x1600 pixels (MacBook Pro retina display), other display 1920x1080 pixels (normal external display). I did some more tests and I think it has to do with the "double" pixel resolution of retina displays of Apple: * The problem only occurs when moving a window from a Retina display to a regular display, or vice versa. If I connect two external monitors to my MacBook, and drag directly between those, al
  7. I like to report a minor issue with Enpass 6.1.0 (though it likely was also present in 6.0.8) running on macOS 10.13.6. When I move the Enpass window from one monitor to a different monitor, the window is not drawn correctly, see screenshot. There is an easy workaround: resize the window, and it updates correctly.
  8. I can confirm that Enpass 5.6.11 indeed fixes this problem. Thanks!
  9. Hi Anshu, Any news on the "asap fix" you mentioned in May? Could you perhaps elborate on the delay? Is it because of technical difficulties that browsers extension verification no longer works, other than a mere certificate expirations? Are you simply too busy with Enpass 6? Thanks! Freek
  10. MacFreek

    Crash report

    I'm using WebDAV to my own (Apache2) HTTPS server for synchronisation.
  11. MacFreek

    Crash report

    This morning I woke my Mac and noticed a crash report for Enpass. After restart, it showed an upgrade dialog. The same happened two more times today, so there seems to be a reproducable bug in Enpass related to when it finds an update, while (just after) a Mac awakes from sleep. I'm currently using Enpass 5.4.1 of Mac OS 10.10.5. Here are two of the bug reports (sorry I can't attach them, this forum does not accept TXT files as attachements, only images). Process: Enpass [30791] Path: /Applications/Enpass.app/Contents/MacOS/Enpass Identifier:
  12. Hi, I set up Enpass using WebDAV authentication, and that seems to work fine. However, I am currently trying to configure it for my iPhone as well, but this fails. On the iPhone, the Enpass app gives the error "Authorization failed" even with the correct URL, username and password. my server logs give the following details: Enpass on iPhone: [error] Digest: client used wrong authentication scheme `Basic': /webdav/enpass/ As you probably know HTTP supports both Basic and Digest authentication. Basic is unencryted, Digest uses a hash. So it seems that the MacOS ve
  13. I'm replying to an older topic, so those who end up here with the same question at least have a starting point. First of all, the Enpass user manual has a section on Importing data from other softwares. Unfortunately, Apple Keychain is not mentioned. The reason seems that it is non-trivial to export data from the Keychain. Other password managers, like 1Password, also don't have a recipe for migrating passwords from the Keychain to their application. That said, there are ways to export data from the Keychain. The best on is a bit technical, at http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/1372
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