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I'm using version Enpass

In the Password audit section I have 28 supported 2FA web sites.

I do not have Google services installed, is there a way to see which web sites these are?


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Hi @troypulk1,

Please go to Audit section -> 2FA Supported -> List of supported items will appear -> Select the item, you will find a notification above the item about the 2FA support -> Click learn more, it will direct you to its relevant website. -> Copy the One time code from the website and paste it into Enpass -> 2FA should start working.


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That doesn't work because of this picture.

As soon as I tap OK it goes back to the audit screen. 

Plus I just realized that it will not show me the web sites unless I pay for it and without Google services it will not work.

Is there a way to see the web sites but not use the service? 



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